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  1. Heroes of the Storm is ub3r. Fast paced, arcade style multi-player game. I like that it's a bit like Dota but you start off with three spells and a racial talent. A little less technical and more game play based with the lack of item purchasing and spell choosing.
  2. In the outside world i'm a simple geologist but in here I am Falcor, defender of the Alliance. I'm a level 2 hunter. I've braved the Fargodeep Mines and defeated the Bloodfish of Jerrd's Landing.
  3. Yeah full time work does make it harder to game. When I feel like I need a break I sneak off and play Tower of Saviors on the crapper at work. Best life hack ever... You're welcome
  4. I also like my computers like my cars. Absurdly over-sized and all about the bells and whistles. A full tower chassis crammed full of LEDs.
  5. With the sound dampening material built in, would this affect the cooling? I thought with the acoustic foam dissipates amplitudes of the waves into heat. I noticed the egg carton shape dampening material on the left. Just wondering if that would dampen or just reflect the sound waves back into the case and actually improve certain properties of the sound.
  6. Where did you learn how to set it all up? Are many people still mining?
  7. i heard it will be released early next year. will be waitin for it's release
  8. Hi I'm D. Squnt, My rig runs 3570k @ 4.5ghz with a GTX 780ti, 8g 1600 avexir RAM 2tb HDD + 256gb Samsung SSD Anyone know when GTX 880 comes out?
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