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  1. ####,it feel so weird seeing my mouse being alive again, after almost 1 year i almost give up on it lol.Thank you man, you're big helper
  2. I think a replacement will always work.Just dont update the firmware again lol, #### that stupid software. Wasted my money for no good ####.
  3. I already gave up on this mouse already, after i did some research,the mouse is in a 'Bricked' state.That means you need 1 more exact same mouse to update the software and let it run properly without prompting you to do the stupid firmware update.The mouse is simply dead without the software.I even try formating the whole pc, still no luck.So you will need a friend who use the same mouse as yours , or you have to buy a same exact mouse, which sound very dumb lol.
  4. So today , my iris rgb hatsune miku edition software suddenly told me to update it, it had a new version, but as soon i click the “UPDATE NOW" button the mouse died right away, no rgb lighting,no respond upon clicking nor moving the cursor.I have try reinstall the software and still get the same result, the "UPDATE NOW" button are not responing upon clicking , its like the software itself is frozen.I download the software from the japanese ttesport website i think, the software version are the oldest 1.000, and the newest version is 1.128. You can see the image below, the Software is literally bugging, the moment i plugin my mouse , the update notice will immediately pop-out, but i cant do anything since the "UPDATE"button wont work nor the “Later”button too.Any one has a solution for this mess?
  5. I have the exact same problem , do you manage to fix it somehow? I think my mouse broke already ####, i connect it to other computer and the mouse dont even work anymore
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