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  1. Hi All, I currently have 4 Lumi Plus LED strips connected to each other, and that one line is plugged into my 9-port TT Sync Premium Controller. After a few minutes, the last 2 strips in line go "out of sync" and freezing on a yellow-ish color. I read a prior post that stated if you have multiple strips plugged into each other, you have to use the controller that came with the strips. I wanted to make sure this was true and if so, is it possible to daisy chain that controller into the premium controller?
  2. I figured it out. I had the CPU cooler on the same side of the controller which 2 case fans were plugged into. I moved the fans so all 6 are on dedicated sides of the controller (3 fans per each side) and put the CPU cooler by itself on the last remaining side of the controller. Posting here in hopes that it will help someone down the road. Long story short: read the manual
  3. Hey All, Not sure if this topic has been discussed already or not, so apologies if I'm rehashing an old thread. Currently I have 7 devices plugged into my TT Sync Controller Premium Edition but I am unable to control the speed of each fan. I have the PWM cable connected to each side of the controller and all of which are plugged into the sys_fan# pins on my motherboard. When I go into the BIOS and adjust fan speed, only one fan from each PWM slot is controlled while the others remain at full speed. For example, one side of my controller has 3 fans plugged in. The PWM cable is connected to sys_fan3 on my motherboard. In the BIOS when I modify fan speed for sys_fan3, fan #1 will adjust accordingly but fans 2 & 3 on that same side of the controller will not. Here's what I'm running - 1x Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 (with 3 fans) 3x ThermalTake Riing Plus 14 RGB MSI MPG Pro Carbon Z390 Gaming Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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