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  1. Anyone else using Asus x399-e with Floe Riing 360? For some reason the temps showing on TT Riing Plus software are getting frozen, i.e. 30c, but fans stills working fine.. I can even adjust the speed on the software but doesn't matter what I do, the temps doesn't change... even pushing my CPU to 100%, temps remains the same and fans doesn't speed up! O.O... I need to restart the PC to the readings come back to normal. I've read some other posts ppl saying the x399-e doesn't like to many apps accessing the Super I/O but I dont have I have only TT software and Asus Aura. Anyone found a solution to this problem or have been going throught the same? I ran some tests not using the Controller and TT Software but instead, the Sync Plus connected via RGB header and I haven't noticed the problem which make me believe its something to do with the TT Software. I also did tests: Reseted CMOS and fresh windows install.. I tried with Ai Suit to watch over the readings... also tried with HWInfo64.. neither of them.. just Aura and TT software.. all combinations possible.. temps reading stops and sometimes my AIO pump rpms also freezes... when i have any other software installed apart of Aura and TT software.. the pump also completely stops..not just the readings. I could be using everything via RGB BUT, unfortunately I have TT iRGB PSU (which I badly regret had bought it now) and it doesnt connect throught RGB but USB instead... I lose all my Syncs doing it Please, I'd appreciate any help
  2. Bios 0808 is the latest one. Ill try flash it again.
  3. Hello, My pump once in a awhile drops from 1800rpm to 1000rpm and afterwards... 0rpm and the CPU Temp starts skyrocketing = Pump stopped. Rebooting PC, the pump starts again. Ive tried use CPU fan and AIO Readers on my mobo and happened on both. I tried different combinations of DC, Auto or PWM.. seens the same. The pump once in awhile makes a weird noise like it was air bubble or something spinning around inside. Only last 1 sec or so the noisy. Mobo is Asus Strix x399-e Bios 0808 Any idea if its a Faulty Pump or Faulty Mobo? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Is it possible to sync the PSU RGBs with Asus Aura or any addressable RGB software WITHOUT using the tt riing software? I have a TT Sync Controller Premium which I was using to control my AIO Floe Riing 360.. then I happily bought the Thoughpower iRGB 1200w thinking in connect it to my TT Sync Controller and then, my nightmare started. I couldn't find a single way to control it through Asus Aura... the only way I found was remove my TT Sync Control.. install the original control that came with Floe riing and install the tt riing software which I never wanted since the begin. TT Riing software is lame.. no fan curve lines.. nothing.. just a fance DJ Trance light table... My initial idea when I bought TT devices was to sync everything with Asus Aura using TT Sync Controller Premium.. I know it was my fault buy the Toughpower iRGB without checking if it was compatible with the Sync Controller Anyone have any good suggestion? RMA the PSU and buy another one? A micro usb to 9 pin usb head cable to connect on TT Sync Controller Premium instead to connect to USB 2.0 mobo? Whats the propose in create so many tt devices that are not compatible among themselves? Also the PSU RGB now and then.. switches off.. then Im forced to open the TT riing software..change the profile to get my PSU rgbs back on. Also the DPS software auto starts with windows all the time even when I disable it everywhere... it stills open on startup.. but the TT Riing Software that I really need to startup with windows.. never does.. Ive tried everything. Thnks!
  5. And how do I Sync Toughpower IRGB without the tt plus software?
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