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  1. This is pretty poor from Thermaltake. I've contacted them directly and lodged a ticket and have had no response from them. Any suggestions on how to move forward?
  2. I just made a thread about this myself. I am having the same issues. Have you guys found a resolution yet?
  3. Thanks for the reply mate. I'd really like to get to the bottom of this. If not, I'll be discarding everything and going with another product. I've attached a screen shot. If anyone has any input here it'd be a great help, thanks.
  4. Recently upgraded my motherboard, cpu and RAM and went with the Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 AIO system to cool the CPU.Link hereWhilst I find the pump quiet, the radiator sufficient the led's pretty and the fans adequate, I'm not happy with the software - specifically, the load it puts on the CPU.Here's the thing... In order to control the speed of the fans, PWM settings and RGB output, the software MUST be running. Not that much of an issue one might say. Well, here's the thing. I noticed that my CPU is never at idle. 95% of the time it's running at maximum frequency (5ghz oc). I dug around in task manager for a while and found that the software controlling my fans is constantly using between 10-15% of my CPU. If I close the software my CPU usage returns to idle and everything hums along nicely. Sadly though in doing this it reverts the fans to a default setting. ie; all the RGB leds turn on in a horrible rainbow lighting effect and there is nothing I can do about it.Worse still is that any PWM fan settings I predefined are no longer active. I can't even manually set my fans to a higher RPM without that ####software running in the background hogging my CPU usage.So basically if I have the software running, my CPU usage suffers and if I close the software my CPU gets too hot because the fans will not adjust (and I have to put up with the colourfull lights)
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