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  1. Yes it is a 5 port controller. The fans are running since I've connected the controller to the PSU however my motherboard does not seem to have a usb header. I would like to know what my options are as far as controlling the fans' speed and lighting.
  2. The instruction mentions that in order to control the fans via software you'd have to connect the controller to the motherboard. My motherboard does not have an internal usb 2.0 hub. Any ideas/solution? Thanks.
  3. Thermalmike, I also need help. I posted a question but have received no reply as of yet. Don't leave your customers hanging.
  4. Hi. I recently bought a Thermaltake Pure Plus 12 set (radiator Fan TT Premium Edition) to use as case fans. I connected the controller to a 12v molex connected to the PSU. The fans came with a controller and a cable to connect to an internal usb 2.0 hub. Everything works but I can not control the fans since I can't find the internal usb 2.0 on my motherboard. The pc which does not seem to have an internal usb 2.0 9-pin hub is an ASUS GD30 CI. What are my options for controlling the fans? I don't know why this picture is here. It is not mine.
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