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  1. I got (very quick) response from Tt support. They confirmed that the fan speed can't be controlled by the MB, these fans turn at constant speed. Ouch! I was actually very happy with this chassis, it's well built, fair priced, has proper cable management and it looks very good. However, I had never expect that the fan speed isn't controllable. The whole advertising conceals this important fact. Even the manual suggests to use the Tt RGB Plus software. So my advice is, if you consider buying this case, buy it without the RGB fans and put 'real RGB fans' into instead.
  2. PS: I said that USB is connected to the MB. That's not quite right: this controller does not have its own USB connector. The USB connector I had in mind is the one from the front panel. So I wonder how these fans can ever be controlled if there's (except for the RGB connector) no other connection to the MB?
  3. Hi I have a Thermaltake Versa J22 TG RGB case and an Asus Prime X470 Pro motherboard with a Ryzen 7 CPU. Controling the LEDs works fine using Asus' AURA software. But how can I control the fan speed of the chassis fans? This case comes with a built-in controller which is connected as shown below (except for FAN4 which is not connected). The USB cable is connected to a USB2 port on the MB, SATA power cable is connected and the RGB cable as well. Windows device manager does not show any warnings about unconnected devices. I've been trying with Asus Fan Xpert 4 (part of AISuite) but the chassis fans aren't detected. I've also been trying with TT RGB PLus software but when I open it I get this error: "Could not find Fan Controller, please check the Fan Controller is connected. Error Code: H_0x0001". I'm not sure if TT RGB Plus is the right software for this controller - is it? Or is there another software I should take? Any help is appreciated.
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