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  1. I had made a ticket to Thermaltake support and reply that since the plug is a 3pin not a 4pin it makes 2 pulses of 1800rpm instead of one at 3600rpm so according with their instructions it's working properly. Check from your mobo if it set at max speed the pump and if its properly installed. If all the above fails it seems you have to change the AIO.
  2. Well that's really a shame if they are fooling their customers like that.
  3. Well I think when you buy a product that is advertised as 3600rpm it should be able to to run at this speed. Its like buying a car with 200Bhp but it has actually 100Bhp
  4. I'm using a kinda aggressive XFR profile when all cores are needed vcore is around 1.37 while there are less core needed it's going from 0.75 to 1.45. My main issue that the pump according to HWmonitor isn't running at max speed as per manufacturer description and I don't have any idea either it shows the half of the actual speed or the pump runs at half speed actually.
  5. I run a few stress tests as you can see the pump's rpm still running at 1800rpm even with the cpu temp running above 75°C. FYI look at the Temperatures section Package (node 0)
  6. Yeah I have done some stress tests and the pump stays at the same rpm either the cpu runs at 30 or 78°C
  7. Recently I bought the above mentioned AIO and Im seeing from HWinfo that the pump's rpm are at 1800 even tho this AIO is advertised that pump is running at 3600rpm my pump is running at half speed 1800rpm.
  8. I have the same question from HWinfo im seeing the rpm at 1500-1600rpm, is there a way so we can check the pump rpm?
  9. Hi all, Recently bought 2 Pure Plus 12 packs (each one has 3 fans and a controller) and Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition. Do I have to connect all those 3 controllers with molex power cable or just one of them and the rest with a bridge cable? For example I'm connecting controller box No1 on my motherboard USB 2 and power cable, how I'm going to bridge the rest 2 controllers?
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