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  1. Okay, I wrote to the customer service and they provided me with the firmware. If you have the same problem, please contact them, they will probably help you. I'll attach this file here as well, so that you can download it immediately. Best regards. Tt_eSPORTS_CONTOUR_Firmware_Update_V1.0.exe TteSPORTS Contour firmware update_User Guide.pdf TteSPORTS Contour User Guide.pdf
  2. Hi! I own a Contour controller. I use it during gaming (this game is a flight sim, Infinite Flight, so I use it only for takeoff and landing). Unfortunately, it automatically turns off after 10 minutes and after that I'm not able to pair it again without exiting my game and starting all over again. I found this thread: but the file with this firmware is no longer available. Any way to turn this energy saving mode off now? Best regards.
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