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  1. You wont be able to mount the 420 with all the 12 fans screws, screwed to the case, there's not enough space. You can screw 10, and the other top 2 just screw the fans directly to the rad through the opening, or you can use the fans on the inside. I have a 360 and it maxed out the sliding holes as you can see: But for both option be aware that if you go with the 420 it must be a slim one because it can interfere with rads mounted on the top of the case.
  2. Sweet build mate.
  3. What an impressive build, the attention to detail is amazing. I like the way that those tubes and clamps next to the map blend with the theme. This is a true themed build. Congratulations!
  4. Esse mod ficou brutal, eu votei em ti no concurso, pena que não tenhas conseguido ganhar mas andas-te la em cima. Parabéns e continua!
  5. Really nice pictures, you are going through an insane amount of work to build this themed mod and that's impressive.
  6. @View71you just need to take your time tying the cables before they get to the back in a big bundle, i shortened the fan cables tying them along side of the fans so they have no more nor less length then what they need to get to the splitter, there's actually very good places to put hidden splitters on this case. Overall it's still a bit messy on the back, but considering the amount of stuff that i have and using extensions and not fully custom cables i guess it's OK and can't get much better than this. I'm very happy with the case despite having to do a couple hard mods.
  7. Hello, i decided to share my TT V71 here, almost 9 months after buying the case, only now i had the chance and courage to make hardware swap from a NZXT Switch 810. You will see that my living room became a mess with hardware everywhere, 3 rads 1x120+1x240+1x360, 15 fans, 2 fan controllers, ####, it was a nightmare on my NZXT, now i swapped one of the rads and have 1x120+2x360 and dumped the push/pull config and have only push or pull. No fan controller anymore, i used some splitters and connected everything to the MB. Have 8 fans in total, almost half of what i had... Also delided the cpu applying liquid metal, and replaced the old reservoir with new bigger better one.
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