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  1. Douglas Alves Modding

    TT Talent: Top 3 winners!

    Thank you all
  2. Douglas Alves Modding

    Voting Stage Two

    Muito obrigado
  3. Douglas Alves Modding

    Voting Stage Two

  4. Douglas Alves Modding

    Voting Stage Two

  5. Douglas Alves Modding

    2018 CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 Voting

    [Espanha] Aitor Larrañaga
  6. belos projetos, parabéns a todos em especial ao Douglas meu voto é seu parceiro


  7. Douglas Alves Modding

    [Brazil] Douglas Alves

    Obrigado a todos
  8. Douglas Alves Modding

    [Brazil] Douglas Alves

    Thank you. Good luck too. Amazing work that you did, I admire your work a lot ..
  9. Douglas Alves Modding

    [Brazil] Douglas Alves

    Completed Project Pandora Box Gemini Project Thank you to Thermaltake and all the sponsors. Simple design and preservation of the Tower900 original. Great products Thank you. Thermaltake. Ttesportes. Asus Rog. Intel. V-color. Luxa-2
  10. Douglas Alves Modding

    [Thailand] Chaipoj Khaowasut

    congratulations. very good job
  11. Douglas Alves Modding

    [Brazil] Douglas Alves

    Coming to the end of the competition, on 30 -07, it closes and then opens the polls. Finishing the casemod and soon I will post the project ready. I did not use the original tempered glass sides of the TOWER 900, I made all sides in 5mm acrylics and customizing Golden Insulfilme and cut the pictures of the golden knights of the twin knights pandora. Pandora Box Gemini Project Case Modding Thermaltake, CaseMOD Invitational 2017! Https://www.facebook.com/pg/douglasalvesmodding/photos/... Learn More: https://goo.gl/EA3p5N Worklog: https://goo.gl/sK5dem {
  12. Douglas Alves Modding

    [Brazil] Douglas Alves

    At the end of the deadline for July 30, Would still receive this week, the rest of the products that was shipped to Brazil on July 20. Arrived in Brazil, but stopped by the Brazilian Customs and has no deadline for the release of the products. My choice was to end the project and continue without the products that did not arrive Meeting the deadline, starting to do the assembly without the radiators 360
  13. Douglas Alves Modding

    [Brazil] Douglas Alves

    Preview Projeto Pandora Box Gemini