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  1. Hello. My name is Douglas Alves. I'm from Brazil, São Paulo Year 2019 CASEMOD FORTNITE!! feat FLAKES POWER - Chipart BR. CASEMOD FORTNITE!! FLAKES POWER feat - Chipart Satisfaction in having made this Casemod from Fortnite with the Chipart store for Youtube Flakes Power. Thanks for the partnership. Pc gamer, fully themed fortnite game, able to run the game in the competitive to more than 240fs! This is the new Flakes Power youtube machine. Configuration Thermaltake View 71 RGB Intel I9 9900K ROG STRIX Z390-F Gaming. 2080RT Strix Toughpower g
  2. Hello. My name is Douglas Alves. I'm from Brazil, São Paulo Year 2019 Casemod Chapolin Colorado.️ After the Casemod of the keys . Now the Tribute is another great success of the eternal Roberto Gómez Bolaños. Chapolin Colorado is a clumsy hero of the Mexican television series, which is very successful in other steps and even BRAZIL, he is fearful and clumsy, who always appears when someone needs help. With its bionic sledgehammer and shrinking pill, it often causes more confusion than it necessarily helps. I thank the companies that gave support to another Casemod mad
  3. Hello. My name is Douglas Alves. I'm from Brazil, São Paulo Year 2017 2017 Thermaltake CaseMOD Temporada Invitational 1 Pandora Box Gemini Project Project Casemod, with The Thermaltake tower 900, I will be based on the theme of the drawing or (manga ) Of the knights of the golden zodiacs. Pandora's box of twins gold armor. Thermaltake Tower 900. Thermaltake RGB 850w gold. Water cooler Custon Thermaltake Riing 12 LED RGB Fan Thermaltake. Pagina Worklog https://bit.ly/35cXLAN Instagram https://www.instagram.com/douglas_alves_modding/ commu
  4. Hello. My name is Douglas Alves. I'm from Brazil, São Paulo Year 2016 Casemod Titanfall Casemod based on the game Titanfall. Design with all theme with modifications and using colors of the game. All design done manually Thermaltake Core X71 Riing 12 LED RGB Fan Thermaltake. Controlador fan RGB Multi Fan Commander F6 Rgb Thermaltake Watercooler custon Thermaltake instagram https://www.instagram.com/douglas_alves_modding/ Pagina Worklog https://www.facebook.com/pg/douglasalvesmodding/photos/?tab=album&album_id=875762409220829
  5. Hello. My name is Douglas Alves. I'm from Brazil, São Paulo Year 2015 Casemod Thor THOR Thematic Project ( Upgrades ) Thermaltake Core V 71. Rinng Trio 14 RGB thermaltake. Riing trio 12 RGB Thermaltake Fonte 850W Toughpower Grand RGB 850W Gold Thermaltake. Water Cooler Floe Riing Rgb 360 Premium Edition Thermaltake instagram https://www.instagram.com/douglas_alves_modding/ WorkLog https://www.facebook.com/pg/douglasalvesmodding/photos/?tab=album&album_id=711127315684340 community.thermaltake https://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/t
  6. Hello. My name is Douglas Alves. I'm from Brazil, São Paulo Year 2014 Casemod Resident Evil (Umbrella Corporation ) Theme Project of the Resident Evil Movie. Thermaltake Products Thermaltake Element V Nvidia Edition Thermaltake ATX 850w Smart M Series. All parts built manually.
  7. Todas as peças de acrílico em núcleos (prata / ouro espelhado). Tudo cortado e polido manualmente. Peça em acrílico para passagem de fluido refrigerador de água. Radiador e reservatório pintado de branco
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