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  1. the impossible is possible it is working! 6 months of struggle finally solved!! big thanks to cathyy version 1.2.6 is working. download link : https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002918633-Thermaltake-RGB-Guide somwhere down on this site is the download link or dropbox link to version 1.2.6 here some screenshots how it should look like
  2. wow wow wui! finally! i have not checked for a while... finally some action here! i try the 1.2.6 as soon as possible! and i will add some more screenshots just to show the crap again... actually my solution is turning of ttrgb software when gaming and turn it back on when im in silent mode... that sux but what shall we do... i thought about taking permission to touch the acpi drivers away... so prevent the software from reading acpi tables... this will prbably result in an error when i start ttrgb plus but worth a try... ill let you know
  3. Hi there im am new at the forum. since i have found nothing about my topics anywhere else i decided to ask you. Sorry for my bad english german is my first langeruge... ok lets start with a overview. 1st Problem: DPC Latency dropouts/spikes caused by TT RGB Plus software 2nd Problem: Wrong temp readings by TT RGB Plus software 3rd Problem: bad fan behavior when it comes to pwm mode my system is watercooled and i am using an asus Rog strix z390 gaming mainboard (intel) connected to the internal usb port is 1 tt fancontroller witch comes with the Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 LED RGB Case Fan 200x200x30 and i am using a second additional fan same type on the same controller. 1 fan is used as case fan und the 2nd is used as radiator cooler. in detail: 1: when i am using the TT RGB Plus software it causes DPC Latency Spikes once i quit the programm everything is fine. i tryed it in several setups and even with a vanilla windows 10 x64. i think the problem is related to the engine of the software. the software checks the cpu temp and when activated something about the sound output. these checks somehow cause interrupts. 2: The temp readings by the software are wrong but not in a controlled way... somtimes 10 degree celsius over the actual temp sometimes 10 degree celsius under the actual temp. As reference i am using the temp reading of my Mainboard. this particular mainboard has superior temp control because of real sensors on the motherboard. so it is not using the cpu build in sensor. of course i see the problem. the software gets ####information from the cpu build in sensors... this would not bother me at all if there would not be problem nr 3... 3: it is a watercooled system so when i am in desktop mode i am using fan setting wich are pretty silent. when i start a programm it can happen, that i have a temp spike over 60 drgree. after 1 or 2 seconds it is over and back to normal (4 degres over room temperature) my pump or cpu fan or case fans do not react to this event at all becaus it is no nessesary. sadly the 2 Riing fans in pwm mode start blowing like there is a fire inside the case... it is clearly hearabe... 2 seconds later they stop again. so everytime i open a new tab i get response form my fans... this is terreby annoing and absolutly not nessesary! so the pwm mode is kind of unuseable. i put them on fixed mode and it stays silent. problem is that i have to manually set them in "game mode" when i am expecting more heat... all the other fans and pump in my system do not behave that way. they are controlled by the mainboard and only ramp up when serius work is to do.. like gaming or encoding. and of course they hold there speed for a while after work is done. for example loading a savegame puts the pwm controlled riing fans to sleep and once it is done they come back again. in an watercooled system it is perfectly fine to keep the fans working a bit longer after a hot event. the water needs to cool down... so what im am actually looking for is a way to controll them manually with a curve like it is shown on the picture. ok enoug for the start... let me know what you think about this... my impression is pretty bad... i mean we are talking about really not the cheapest fans out there... not to mention that the do not work with aura sync togehter... Morris
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