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  1. Hi, I am experimenting the same issue occasionally with TT Ring Plus premium radiator fans (x3) on a Asus Strix Z270E motherboard, with same sound software : Sonic Studio III and Realtek HD sound manager, although at times I am using also Logitech G930 wireless Headset-mic (through a USB receiver interface). Most of the times I am able to have the sound source fixed by itself when re-starting TT RGB plus software or closing or launching the Asus Sonic Studio III, or rebooting PC. But was not able to have the Fans " Follow" sound output fluctuations : music mode which to my understanding is PLAYER setting TT RGB Plus light mode ( fan setting). Something happens at times on player mode, it seems to act like a movie mode and follow motion picture " brightness" change when movie player or even music player is selected on visualization mode (animation in windows media player), if you clik outside the player the fans lightning stop following, either way the fans lighting change doesn't seem to be very " substantial" and stuck to one color at times. Other times in PLAYER mode fan lighting changes when minimizing browser window or if a browser page opened is darker... Really very frustrating, no detailed guide about how to get all those " Movie", PLAYER" etc to work correctly. Also I came across another thread on TT forum specific about this issue with Asus motherboard ( Can't get audio mode working >> and advises not only to close asus sound services and/or uninstall them all together and use sound drivers only, so that TT Ring plus can take control over the system sound ?? (did not try all the recommended steps yet) Unbelievable difficulties with this thing, I bought TT RIing Plus premium 3 fans set ( as an upgrade from TT RGB Fans) 4 months ago and not a day passes without me going online looking for a solution for this issue or a detailed guide on how to get all those effect with no luck so far.
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