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  1. you are not even comparing the same processor big shot.
  2. So I got around to doing this yesterday. Under CPU-Z stress test, i7700k overclocked to 5GHz runs stable to just under 75C now.. see CPU-Z and HWMonitor screenshot taken together
  3. Thank you View71. I have been studying the process of application of the TuniqTX-4 and intend to follow the process in this video: It is apparently very thick paste and the blob method has been known to bend things as the cooler screws are tightened according to the author of that video.
  4. Hello. So I bought this AIO cooler for my new I7700K PC 24th Feb 2017 and the performance has been good. However I am noticing that my cpu temps 2 years down are a lot warmer than when I built it, now it is regularly over 80centigrade so I now need to deal with it to rectify. I used the thermal paste included with the product that was pre-applied by Thermaltake. I am about to take my system apart to replace this thermal paste I have Tuniq TX-4 paste. I will need to clean off the Thermaltake paste off the cooler and cpu. I have a Z270 Gigabyte motherboard. Before I take expensive ystem apart is there anything else about the cooler I should pay attention to. Does the water in there need changing every so often? Have others seen a deterioration like this Thank you
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