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  1. and Video! Through my work, I would like them to see the great culture and history Japan has. Thanks so much!!
  2. and final pics! It was my first time to make a diorama. It was worth a try! I had many good experiences. Thank you so much Thermaltake! and Thank you for watching all the way until the end!
  3. I am sorry to have kept you waiting. I finally did it! Tsuru(Cranes) very often appear on wedding kimono. This is "Seigaiha". The direct meaning of “Seigaiha” is Blue sea and waves. This is a pattern that the waves are lapped over alternately.
  4. The project is behind schedule by few days.😰 Please bear with me for a few days! I make a zabuton. A zabuton is a Japanese cushion for sitting on the floor.
  5. I am going to make a Japanese traditional Tatami mat while I build a room. I visited Tatami shop. There I gained knowledge that I hadn't been able to obtain until now. and I procured many parts for Tatami there. So...They are all nice, so it's hard to pick just one, isn't it? haha🤣 With a lot of thinking, my conclusion is this. These boards are materials taken from real Tatami actually used. These boards are exclusively for Tatamis. The material is at once resilient. real tatami mat. and cloth used for the rim of tatami All right, let's move on to Tatami build!
  6. I use foam core and wooden boards for a room (washitsu) where kimonos are displayed. and painting.
  7. I prepared some Kimono for ram. and An Obi. Obi is a belt that is wrapped around the body of a kimono and tied to hold the kimono together when wearing it. These obis look just right! The obi was a perfect fit.
  8. Update time! 3D Printed a hanger rack (Ikou). and Use a wood filament. put together a hanger rack. also I have made a prototype. (the left side)
  9. Let me use a 3D graphic to explain that. I make the Ikou 3 separate times. and I'll make this. Used for fixing the ram. Now, let's move on to 3D print!
  10. I make a wooden hanger rack. It is called the Ikou. Ikou is a Japanese traditional rack for hanging kimono. There are folding type and single-panel type. It's made from wood or bamboo. It looks like the Torii. A torii is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine. I have seen this design in real life before and I was so impressed when I saw it for the first time. That's why I wanted to make this!
  11. First, I remove a heatsink attached. by using a heat gun.
  12. Okay, Update time! I have decided on the theme for RAM MOD. The theme of this mod is KIMONO. A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that is often worn for rites and festivals also other important occasions. Kimonos have become obsolete as everyday clothes, but they're still very important for formal occasions. and I want to tell the world about Kimono culture. Make not only kimono ram, but also I plan to make a room (washitsu) where kimonos are displayed. It may be close to the atmosphere of ZEN.
  13. Toru

    ZAKU II AH T200 Mod

    and I finished it! Thanks for watching!😀
  14. Toru

    ZAKU II AH T200 Mod

    also Install a Liquid Cooling system in a PC! Turn on the computer! and paint Weathering effects!
  15. Hello all, I'm very grateful for such a wonderful opportunity! The last time I joined Tt event was almost 4 years ago. It is an honor to be able to participate in this event.🙂 Cherry blossom season is finally here! It looks like the cherry blossom bloomed earlier than usual. and I'm so excited about the RAM MOD! I'll let you know the details in the next updates.
  16. Toru

    ZAKU II AH T200 Mod

    3D printing and custom painted in metallic gold and
  17. Toru

    ZAKU II AH T200 Mod

    and creating custom full sleeved cable! 🙂
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