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  1. Depends on personality but I prefer traveling with my friends, it's funny and more interesting. I've traveled alone once and understood that is not for me. So, I always choose to go on travels in a company. I cam across useful article, recommend read it https://travelsites.com/blog/the-safest-and-most-dangerous-countries-to-visit/
  2. Create own website, try affiliate marketing or freelancing. All of these options can be very profitable. Personally, I prefer making money with freelance. In case you want to become a freelancer too, check out this list of sites, you'll need it https://travelsites.com/work-and-travel/
  3. You should never invest money you can't afford to lose and always do your own research before any long-term investment. Don't make any investments based on a few comments on the internet. Always look for information from a reliable source. Also, finding some good bitcoin signals channels would be a good idea.
  4. Have you tried to search on the internet? Or you are looking for proven sites? Personally, I always look for cheap flights, last-minute offers and vacation packages here https://travelsites.com/vacation-packages/
  5. What are the best travel hacks?
  6. Honestly, I like when trips are well-planned that's why I start looking for good options in advance. That's why I use plenty of different apps/sites and other travel tools. For example, here is a great list of sites where you can buy cheap flights https://travelsites.com/cheap-flights/
  7. Personally, I think if you want to make good money on investing in cryptocurrency, it's essential to make own search regularly, read plenty of information and, of course, join Telegram groups. Actually, it's not that easy to find a really good crypto signal channel, that's why I can recommend one - palm beach research group.
  8. I am new to this, so don't know what to choose. Who can help?
  9. How to make money online in Nigeria?
  10. Tove

    Is vaping safe?

    Is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes?
  11. I always wrote it by myself.
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