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  1. Is it better to travel alone or with someone?
  2. I like to travel by car, for me, it's the best way to visit as many beautiful places as possible. Besides, nowadays it's easy to rent a car and go on travels, so even if you don't have own car it's not a problem. I can recommend a list of good car rental sites in case you will need it https://travelsites.com/car-rental/
  3. Traveling is something everyone needs, personally, I think traveling fills my life with meaning. I try to go on travels as often as possible and want to visit all the fantastic places in the world. If you like to travel too and can't decide where to go, read this article https://travelsites.com/blog/top-5-cheapest-countries-to-visit/
  4. You can't even imagine how I like traveling. Every time when I have an opportunity to go on travels, I book flights immediately. I've been to Greece, Turkey, Indonesia, Italy and Spain, all countries are fantastic. If you can't decide where to go, just check out this article https://travelsites.com/blog/the-top-10-best-places-to-visit-around-the-world/
  5. If yes, what is the best crypto currency to invest in right now?
  6. How do you get the best holiday trip packages for a fun filled vacation?
  7. Lacana

    Trip to Ibiza

    I'm planning a trip to Ibiza for 10 friends and me, what is the best way to plan and make this trip happen?
  8. What should I know before visiting Japan? Let's say it’s a 2-weeks vacation and how much does it cost to visit Japan?
  9. If you want to avoid jet lag, the first and main rule - you have to have a good rest before your trip. Pack only what you need and no more. Plan all the smallest details of your trip, by the way here, are great sites which can ease this process https://travelsites.com/trip-planner/ and also, always keep some money on you in case of an emergency. Happy traveling!
  10. One of the most profitable and easy ways is sports betting. It's easy especially if you are a big fan of the sport. Also, it's important to find and choose a good bookmaker, I recommend this one https://1xbet-ng.org/
  11. Lacana

    Is vaping safe?

    Yes, it much safer. And the main advantage is nicotine free e-liquid. Thanks to vaping, I quit smoking cigarettes. If you want to try, I recommend you buy Pluto iMini V2 Pro, it's great for starters. Besides, it's really compact and powerful, check it out https://gypsyvapes.com/pluto-imini-v2-pro-500mah-starter-kit
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