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  1. How can I make $1000 fast?
  2. Lacana


    In your free time, which skill would you like to learn as a hobby?
  3. What is the best way to plan a vacation?
  4. Lacana

    Dream vacation

    Which place would you pick for a dream vacation?
  5. Where can I find the best online casino sites?
  6. What style of massage do you like?
  7. Do you like to visit a new country every year? Which country are you planning to visit next?
  8. What is the most efficient way to relax?
  9. How do you relax on the weekend?
  10. What are the best torrent sites for downloading music and movies?
  11. Docs (passport, tickets, insurance etc), money, phone, laptop, power bank, chargers, earphones, camera, and travel pillow. Of course, there are plenty of other things I always pack but that my main must-have items. Also, I recommend reading this article, it'll be useful https://travelsites.com/blog/top-10-travel-mistakes-you-shouldnt-make/
  12. So, I am wondering what are the best sites?
  13. Lacana

    Trip to Italy?

    I am thinking about visiting Italy, is it a good idea?
  14. Is it better to travel alone or with someone?
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