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  1. Some people love Android but sometimes it happens that when you try to add a new account on a phone, you get a syncing error. Specifically, when you buy a new phone and you go for setting up or add a secondary account, you are offered the possibility to sync your Google contacts with the contact app. If your google account is not syncing on phone, then do check the settings of your phone. So the steps that will most likely fix this issue once and for all are listed below: Make sure Android Sync is activated on your phone: The first step is to make sure that your android sync is activated. In order to do so, you have to go to the settings data usage and then to the menu to check if Auto-sync data is checked. Even if it is checked, you have to then try to turn it off and on a few times. Make sure Google Contacts sync is turned on: If you want to check this, you have to go to the settings, then accounts, Google and then select the account that you are using. Turn it off and on again a few times. Make sure that Background Data is enabled: There are some apps and features that won’t work until they are connected to Wi-Fi. So, you have to go to the settings, data usage, menu and check if the “Restricted background data” is selected or not. Use Google account recovery: You can also use the Google account recovery page to sync your Google account to your phone. You can follow the link https //g.co/recover to proceed. Remove your Google Account and set everything up once again: Removing your Google account and then setting everything up once again is another method. For this, you have to go to the settings, accounts, Google and then select the account that you are facing issues with. You have to choose the remove account option and then go through the setup process one more time.
  2. Headquartered in Texas, Southwest Airlines is an airline which offers its customers with the best fares and deals making their journey relaxing. Further, the airline also provides online deals and services which one can easily avail for their reservation by filling up a form online or by contacting the reservation center of the airline. Besides, if you have already booked flight tickets with the airline and looking for solutions on how to change seats on Southwest Airlines, here you will be provided with the complete details that can help you to select desired seats for your booked reservations. Changing seat for Southwest Airline tickets There are times when people book their tickets in a rush and are unable to select the seats of their choice. Fortunately, even after booking the reservations, the passengers can easily make changes to their flight tickets by opting the manage booking service. Further, in some cases, there are chances that some users might need to pay additional fees which one can confirm by dialing Southwest Airlines phone number. Besides, you can also follow the simple steps provided in this article to change seat for your flight ticket. For changing the flight ticket, the passenger can launch the airline website. Navigate to the manage booking section and click on that particular option. And then, provide your reservation code and full name in the space to retrieve your booking. After the booking is retrieved, the passenger will be provided with seat selection option which they can opt for changing their seat arrangements. Further, depending on the fare type there are chances that few passengers might need to pay additional fees. And with the completion of these steps, one can easily change seat for their Southwest Airlines reservations. In this way, one can easily change their seats for their Southwest reservations. Besides, one can also contact the Southwest Airlines reservations center of the airline for changing the seat arrangements.
  3. Google account is all about keeping it safe by using a strong password and enabling the 2-step verification. But if it is hacked, you just can’t recover it by using the basic recovery methods. If you are hunting for Google account recovery, don’t be anxious. You just have to verify the identity by answering the set of questions that is related to the Google hacked account. It will help them to ensure that you are the actual holder of the account and then you can get the access to your account. Since multiple questions have been asked to verify your identity, you just have to try to give more and more accurate answers. In order to recover the Google account, you just have to follow the steps that are stated below: · Go to the account login page of Google and click on “Need help?” link. · Clicking on the “Need help?” will readdress you to the Account recovery page of Google. Select the option “I don’t know my password” and then enter the Gmail ID and then click “continue”. · A captcha form will appear which you have to fill and then click “continue”. On the next page, you have to enter the last password you remember and click on continue. · Once you do this, the basic password reset option will appear but it will not be of help since it has already been changed by the hacker. So, the only way left to recover your password is using the “verify your identity” option. · This will take you to the account verification process and you can verify your account by answering the multiple questions about the account. Just answer the questions as accurately as possible. · If you are not sure about the date on which you started using Google, your friends can help. · If the information provided by you matches with the information that is on the Google account, then you will be able to reset your password. Otherwise, it will be notified by Google that the information provided by you does not match the information on the account. But the best that can happen at that time is you are allowed to submit the form once again now with the more accurate information. For more :- https://www.gaubal.com/phone-number/google-account-password-recovery
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