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  1. Augmented reality is actively used in printed products. Newspapers, booklets, prospectuses, magazines, and even geographical maps contain images that serve as labels for the subsequent visualization of digital objects.In the role of complementary information can be text, images, video, sound, or three-dimensional objects, static or animated - in fact, absolutely any digital data. With the help of special browser programs installed on tablets and smartphones, users scan tags, gaining access to additional content. Augmented reality is most often used for advertising visualization, as a marketing tool that attracts the attention of the audience. However, there are projects aimed at solving social problems: an illustrative example here is the initiative of the Japanese newspaper Tokyo Shimbun, the texts of which are adapted for children's perception using mobile devices, which is aimed at creating a common information field for children and their parents and strengthening family ties. Collectible card games are also a large category in which they offer to animate cards that players use during board games.
  2. You must strive to reach as much of the audience as possible. However, if you plan to test the idea, then at the first stage it is better to concentrate on the client application under a single mobile OS. In order to determine which OS to choose for MVP, it is necessary to take into account the set of arguments.. Estimating how much augmented reality app development cost - https://invisible.toys/create-augmented-reality-apps/augmented-reality-app-development-cost/
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