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  1. SOLVED: You must close TT RGB PLUS software and any other software that may take control of your psu RGB's in the background. Then change the RGB settings in DPS G then close that and open the TT RGB PLUS software if you want to keep your fans actually changing colour not frozen in one state haha. Ill leave this thread open to help others
  2. I have a brand new iRGB 850w Platinum PSU It was working previously, now i cant launch the app, it says "Could not setup a connection with power supply" I have tried both usb 2.0 headers on motherboard (Brand new Z370-F) and i have even tried a normal mini-usb B to usb type A cable from my camera. Every time i connect it, i can hear windows reconsie it, then it gets "setup" successfully. It comes up in device manager as a "HID-compliant vendor-defined device" under the human interface devices section/ What i have tried: -Uninstalling and reinstalling -Different usb cables -Different usb 2.0 ports -Trying a different version of the application
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