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  1. Whenever people start to talk about iOS jailbreaking the discussion end with Cydia. These two are co-related like that inseparable. There was a time that people just jailbreak there iPhones or iPad. And most of the time it is the way of download Cydia for free. Because it will download as a part of the jailbreak process. Besides, it is the default app store for all the jailbroken devices. But after the incident of last year, Cydia started to fall down. But still, people trying different methods for download as it is. Cydia free download with Cydiacloud So if you ask me what is it ill explain it like this. This is one of the most popular online jailbreaking methods that will allow you to download the amazing app store you are going after. Even if we refer it as a jailbreaking method which is work online it actually could not consider as a one. Because it does not modify your internal operating system or even penetrate it. The warranty is also will be valid even after you get Cydia. The device model or the version of the operating system is not a matter. Even if you have the iOS 7 or the iOS 12 or the iOS 20, it is the same. Cydia free download Launch the Safari web browser Go to its official web page You will see the button that says "Cydia Download" Device compatibility will be checked now. So stay for a few seconds. Now you can continue the downloading process if your device is compatible. Click the "Install Cydia" to continue. On next window click the tab says "Add to Home Screen". This will add it to the home screen. Now on the settings app click the "Install" button Then it will ask you a passcode that you should want to insert if you want to continue. Add the necessary details and click "Install" again. Then click "Done" Finally, you can check the home screen and you will see the Cydia installer in there. Final word Cydiacloud is one of the best options for Cydia free download according to the situation. So if you going to try this method there should be some fact you should know. You might get a question while the process where can I have the password, for that matter here is the answer. To do this you have to buy a membership from Cydiacloud. When you buy it you will have the passcode also. And the membership will be valid for a lifetime once you get it. So do not worry. The other fact is this would not offer you the complete and official version of Cydia but a lite version of it. So these are the facts that you should consider before you try it.
  2. Apple released its latest iOS version to the public community last month. It is iOS 12.3. They did not wait until the community cools down with the latest release and they release the next big iOS version first beta version already. That is iOS 13. Hackers and developers are a few steps behind the Apple manufacturers. We still could not jailbreak iOS 12.3 and now iOS 13 also add to that list we hoping for jailbreak tool will be developed. Not to mention that jailbreak and Cydia free versions are in the endgame now. A lot of pioneers on the industry predicting that those two are going to improve no more and this is the end. Why Jailbreak and Cydia are in the endgame now? Last year the founder of the application decided to close the Cydia store because of the 2 reasons. One is he could not earn money to pay at least the bandwidth expenses of the app. And that decision was motivated by the bug happened with purchasing of BigBoss repository. He decided to shut down it. But the Cydia installer is still available and there are repositories like Dynastic Repo, Packix, and Chariz to buy tweaks. But you have to use an external system for pay. Jailbreaking is going to end because of the reason that Apple wanted it to end. They release each new release with fixed exploits and more security. But we have to keep hope in hackers and developers because they could do that before also. Download Cydia for iOS 13 With a situation like this, jailbreaking is impossible. But we can download Cydia even without jailbreak thanks to the online methods like Cydia cloud. It has a simple process and you will be able to download it and enjoy thousands of apps games and tweaks just like the official Cydia. It is completely the same but in here you only able to download a lite version of it. But the thing is you have to buy a membership of the Cydiacloud. Then they will give you a passcode. Enter that when you download it from their website. That's it. You will have Cydia for a lifetime because once you purchase the membership it will remain forever. Wrap up The great chapter of the Cydia installer is going to end soon. One reason is jailbreak is also going to fade eventually. Without jailbreak, we could not get the official Cydia app. But with the online methods like Cydia cloud, we can download a lite version of it to even newly released iOS version like ios 13.
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