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  1. Nobody has any ideas of how best to manage 9 x Riing Trios and some Lumi LED's? I also worry that even if I got everything onto ASUS Aura, then I'd be losing some customization or ability to cycle the LED's properly. Anybody have an idea?
  2. Okay so I've poured over some older threads regarding this but I'm hoping for some more clarification. As title states, I want 9 x 120 Riing Trio Fans in a Lian Li PC-O11. Also want to get a 3-pack of Lumi LED strips. So I gather I need to pick up 2 TT Sync Controllers with 4 fans + LEDS on one and 5 fans on the other. Now my issues is I want them onto one 5V 3-pin and I don't know how I should be doing this. If I pick up the XSPC 5V 3-pin splitter that has been mentioned in previous threads, will my ASUS motherboard still be able to recognize all the different items and able to control all of the fans and LED strips properly through Aura? If I can pull this off then I can manage basically everything through Aura minus my NZXT AIO.
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