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  1. Yahoo mail provides you a secure and reliable emailing service which keeps your data safe from invaders and provide you additional security. Apart from the recovery email and phone number, the email service provider gives you an option to create the security questions to provide you extra security. And when it comes to recovering your Yahoo account, you can recover Yahoo Password without security questions and using the email address and phone number. Also, it has been noticed that Yahoo users try to change the security questions that were selected while creating the account. For your information, we would like to tell you that once the security questions are set they will not be changed however you can enable or disable the security question by going to Yahoo account settings. And to make the task easier here is the list of steps to follow. 1-888-580-0869 Recover Yahoo password Without Security Questions Steps to disable the security questions on Yahoo First of all, you need to log in to your Yahoo mail account. Then you need to go to the Yahoo Account Settings option. Further, you need to select the Account Security section and click on the Disable security questions option. In this way, you will redirect to a new page mentioning your security questions and you need to click on the 'Yes, secure my account' option. And then you need to click on the Continue option. With the above steps, you would be able to access your security questions on Yahoo and in doing so, you will not face any kind of trouble. Moreover, if you face any issue, then, you should contact Yahoo support team to get support for the issue you are facing with Yahoo.
  2. AOL is one of revered email services which is used by the users in all over the world on all sorts for devices. Users can securely send and receive their important emails in just fewer seconds. AOL is highly known for its easy-to-use interface and security mailing features that make it best for use. But sometimes many circumstances come when users forget their AOL email account password and confront problems to access their email account. How do I recover forgotten AOL email password? Have you forgotten your AOL email account password? Then you can’t log in to your AOL account until you would not recover it. AOL provides a wide range of options for password recovery and each way is quite easy and simple. If you wish to recover forgot AOL password, then you can follow the below instructions to recover your password: Method 1# Recover Forgotten AOL Password • First of all, go to the official password recovery page of AOL and then click on Forgot password. • Enter your AOL email address that password you wish to recover and then click on Next. • Now you will be asked to enter your recovery phone number and then enter it to the given field. • Click on Next. • Now will get a verification code on your phone number and then enter it into the given field. • Click on Next. • Enter a new password for your AOL account and then click on Next. Method 2# Forgot AOL Password Recovery • Go to the password recovery page and then click on Forgot password link. • Enter your AOL username and then click on Next. • Choose password recovery via email and then a password reset link will be sent to your recovery email address. • Open the received link and then a new page will open. • Enter your new password and then click on Next to complete the process. With these above-stated methods, you can simply recover AOL password and in case you are not able to recover with these methods, then you can contact the customer support team and get reliable solutions on password recovery within a short span of time. Web Source :100: https://www.aolhelpnumber.com/forgot-aol-email-password
  3. You can easily delete your Yahoo Mail account along with your emails whenever you want. However, you should know that deleting or closing your Yahoo Mail account will also make you lose you’re My Yahoo Settings, your Flickr account and photos/videos and other data services that are part of Yahoo. Moreover, if you are subscribed to any paid Yahoo services like Yahoo Mail Plus, you will need to cancel these subscriptions before deleting your account in order to avoid any unexposed payments. And, also ensure that you remove your Yahoo Mail account from any third-party associated accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc. You should also know that if people will send emails to your closed Yahoo Mail account, they will get back a delivery failure message. It is best to inform your contacts before closing your account and if possible provide them with an alternate email address in order to contact you easily. So, if you have finally made up your mind and looking for a guide to delete your Yahoo Mail account, the following steps will help you do this easily. HOW TO DELETE YAHOO MAIL ACCOUNT 1.) In order to delete your Yahoo Mail account permanently, make sure you Disable Yahoo Account Key. After that, you will need to go to the Yahoo Account Termination page by clicking this link – Terminate Yahoo Account 2.) This link will direct you to the Yahoo Sign-in page if you would not be logged in. So, enter your Email address and password in the provided fields and click Next when prompted. 3.) Now, you will be directed to an information page. Read the information carefully in order to make sure that you don’t miss anything important related to your Yahoo Mail account. 4.) Once you are done reading the information, click the Continue button. 5.) On the next screen, you will be prompted to confirm your action by entering the email address in the provided field. Enter the email address in the field and click Yes, terminate this account button. 6.) Once clicked, you will see a message – Your account has been deactivated and scheduled for deletion. Click a Sound good button to complete the process. Note: If you try to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account within approximately 40 days of closing it, it will get activated again. However, the period varies for countries like Australia and New Zealand (90 days) and 180 days for Brazil and Taiwan
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