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  1. I switched to a different USB port and I'm all set. I wasn't aware this is compatible with Razer Chroma. I love the fire setting.
  2. Greetings, I have the 360 Floe Riing AIO water cooling kit, X1 mechanical keyboard and the Toughpower irgb plus 1000w gold edition psu. I can easily sync the Floe Riing with the psu using TT RGB plus software. I can also sync the X1 with the Floe Riing using the TT X1 software. My issue is getting the psu and keyboard to sync. When I have the Floe Riing and psu synced up though the rgb plus software and then try to sync the keyboard with TT RGB plus software using the X1 software,, the psu rgb doesn't change. I've also tried with not syncing, a combination of the programs opened and closed, but no dice. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks. software: TT RGB plus v 1.3 DPS G v 3.1.9 X1 RGB v 1.10.0 v29
  3. Hey Redox, unfortunately I've been experiencing the same issue. Everything was working fine up until two months ago. I noticed when I cycled the light mode, several pump lights would be stuck in one color. I've tried everything you mentioned including a Windows 10 reinstall. I'm wondering if this is a software issue or maybe the controller is faulty. I'm just praying it's not a hardware issue. Ugh. When I power down my pc and unplug it, let the juice run out and restart, it works fine. Three minutes later, pump lights stuck. Bummer. This is holding me off from completing my TT pc build. Until I find a fix, the iRGB plus PSU can wait. Anything TT can do to resolve this issue would be appreciated.
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