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  1. GunMan123


    Guten nachmittag Bitte sagen Sie mir, wie ich bald zur Normalität zurückkehren kann. Stellen Sie sicher, dass dies eine Störung im Körper ist und Geduld und Therapie erfordert. Welche Medikamente wirken so strategisch wie möglich?
  2. Hola amigos cómo están? Mi esposo comenzó a tener disfunción eréctil, creo. Quizás es porque él juega demasiados videojuegos? No sé en qué más pensar.
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  4. Hello there. If you notice that you have problems with it you should ask a doctor, or maybe look up for some meds or pharmacy that can help you out. I would ask you to look up here https://www.imedix.com/drugs/erectile-dysfunction/vidalista-tadalafil. Maybe there you could find out something to solve your problem! Good luck!
  5. Man, its easy to do, really. You just need to eat healthy food, avoid stresses and do sports. And ofcourse dont forget about suplemments and drug to keep you in a good shape. Look At This that what I use by myself! Its a really healthy stuff. Good luck bro!
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