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  1. USA, but I managed to get one on amazon, and now that I got one, a whole bunch of them come up when I search for them lol, go figure.
  2. No my router does not have a USB hookup on it. but the deciding factor for my whole idea of a system is wireless integration into my home network. I ended up getting an Urban WiFi and will do something else with it since I like the HDD dock idea. But I ended up finding a Synology DS213air and that is going to hopefully do exactly what I want since its WiFi capable of joining my existing network, and drag and drop access the drives, but it seems to capable of many more things than I intended to be looking for.
  3. Im glad I asked before trying it. Im looking for a storage solution that I can add wirelessly to my home network, but I dont want to add another wireless access point, It seems that every device ive come across like the BlacX WiFi edition wants to be its own network, I will never stream anything from this device, I will never carry it around with me, I will never go on the internet through it, its going to be stored out of sight and always on. I simply want a centralized hard drive that all 3 of my PC's at home can access, Can the BlacX WiFi do that instead of being its own access point?
  4. Is it possible to plug a USB ethernet adapter into one of these to make it wirelessly accessable through my home network?
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