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  1. RGB Plus is the software listed on the keyboard's main page along with the iTake software. Neither work. The iTake software just puts an icon in my notification area that disappears when I mouse over it, and never actually opens. The RGB Plus software only recognizes my Iris mouse, and has the same issue the original poster describes. I'm not real impressed with the software support so far. Update: I've figured out that if I plug my keyboard into a USB 3.1 port, RGB Plus will not detect it. If I move it to a 3.0 port it will show up. If I open RGB Plus it turns my RGB lighting off. Unplugging and re-plugging it will not restore my RGB unless I completely exit the software, then the power cycle will restore the lighting. I think I'm at the end of my abilities at this point and don't know what else I can do but wait and hope a future update provides a fix.
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