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  1. No problem... Hopefully the Sv2 will have all aluminum construction maybe?
  2. I actually wasn't adjusting the headband. I casually and calmly reached for my headset to put it on because I was going to do my online teaching job. I never bend my headsets too hard. I just do it casually, carefully every time. I never apply too much force or I am never in a rush when I use it. It happened once to me, so I definitely I would take care the 2nd time. I did, but it still snapped. Please do not think I am just a person who spends money and does not care about his things. This happened to me twice already. Not hating, but Just giving feedback that the build quality of the headset is not good at all. I can't accept a replacement if it is only going to break. If I accept a replacement and it breaks again, people will think either that I am dumb for breaking it a 3rd time and careless or I am dumb for still using a product that is clearly not up to par in terms of durability. And I say this with utmost calmness and proper demeanor. I love the TT eSports brand. I use a Meka G Unit Illuminated, Theron that has lasted for 4 years, Ladon that has lasted equally as long, a Hyperion, the Dragon Lan Bag, the Keyboard bag and the Red Jacket.
  3. It broke.. The first time my friend with a big head tried it, he had to stretch it out to fit his head but it broke.. Tt Philippines replaced it with a new one, which I am thankful for. Since it was my friend with a large head, I supposed that I should not let anyone else use it but me. It was fine for 7 months. I was taking care of it, being careful when I wear it. And when I casually tried to put it on, it snapped... really sad about it All i can really say is that it has really poor build quality. I spent hard earned money for this T__T
  4. T______T http://i61.tinypic.com/fz0o6d.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/2vil16a.jpg
  5. As sad as I am to report this, but I am not happy with the build quality of the Sybaris. This one was Last September 2014, my friend with a big head tried it. TT Philippines replaced it and I am thankful, so I thought, I should be the only one who should use this headset. And now... This happened just now, I was about to use it casually for my online teaching work and *snap* I am deeply deeply dissatisfied with spending my hard earned money on this product. I had expected a lot from the build quality since it is with TTe. Getting intouch with the local distributor but I don't think I will be satisfied with a replacement if this is going to happen a third time. I love you tt esports, but this product.. .T___T
  6. ^ I would have liked it if the keycaps could let the LED lighting shine through.. But balller keykaps nonetheless Can't wait for the transparent ones
  7. Hi! When you connect the headset to your desktop, you need to select the "Headphones Sybaris Stereo" as your default device. That will fix the problem with the sound being bad on wireless mode also after not having any sound come through to your headphones, it goes into sleep mode. When it does, all you have to do is tap the button on the side of the right driver once and it will wake the headset up
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