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  1. I lost quite a lot of money on kansas city lowball, it's such a gambling card game. I on the early not quite understood the crux of the game. As it turned out in this game, the winner is the one who collected the worst combination of cards, and it took quite a lot of time and money before I started winning.
  2. I've been betting on sports for quite a long time, all the literature I took from http://withoutabook.com/2019/03/25/20-best-sports-betting-books-you-must-read-in-2019/ . I also advise you before you start betting, read a few books, and choose a strategy for yourself.
  3. Why do people always choose slots to play? I for example like to play roulette
  4. santrope


    Many people get news on TV, but it is also important to read interesting news on various blogs and news portals. I advise you to look for such resources on the Internet, where you can choose the category you are interested in and read at your leisure.
  5. Guys, I've seen that many people gamble here, I want to tell you that now most casinos are becoming scammers, and every month their list is updated - find out more. Be vigilant with caution.
  6. Well, when it comes to video games, I most often play DotA 2, and when it comes to gambling, I used to love playing best online slots for real money on this site. But now I only play poker, and I watch tournaments sometimes.
  7. I no longer go, and if you go with friends just get together and play. By the way, I want to tell you a great newsman bradynebraska.com where you can read news and do not watch the TV, almost all the news I know only from there.
  8. Not so long ago, the chamber decided to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour, a decision that could negatively affect jobs for Americans.
  9. I hasten to inform that this forum on English language. That would make at least some benefit in this is not clear branch, I want to recommend you the article "Online Blackjack For Real Money" where I described all the tips and tricks for blackjack
  10. What do you think about the project - smart living? Is there any downside to this that technology completely replace our household needs?
  11. Pretty good looks, I want to make the same room, only with Board games theboardgamelibrary.com - from here I will take all the most famous Board games.
  12. Do you know why are 50 dollars bill bad luck in gambling? This kind of superstition is very common in China and the Philippines, it's really interesting.
  13. I still think it's too late to get into this subject, it is better to read entertainment news, and relax, no need to go into it, just money and their nerves will spend.
  14. Writing an essay, as well as writing articles for the blog, is now on my resource - draw poker online, I write articles myself, but when I ordered the same as you ordered in the school essay from professionals
  15. Does online poker count? I've heard that poker even as a sport counts =) https://bovegascasinoreview.com/affiliate-program/bovegas-affiliate-program/ - if anyone is interested here you can take normal bonuses on your account, I personally did not even replenish the deposit, took only the deposit-free 25 dollars
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