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  1. I have called Thermaltake's customer service department as well. Never received a call back and had my calls disconnected frequently as well. Your customer service is downright pathetic.
  2. It has been over 1 year and I still have never received any information about this. Please tell me how to order replacement cables. Customer Service has never answered me.
  3. So I bought Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 1200W 80 PLUS PLATINUM from NewEgg. I unboxed the PSU before I left for work. While I was away, my wife threw away the box that still had ALL of the cables inside. I've reached out to TT general and technical support and they've been silent. No replies at all. I've been unable to find a trustworthy set of replacement cables that are certified to work with the PSU and TT doesn't seem to sell them. Does anyone have any experience hunting down replacement PSU cables for ThermalTake hardware or am I just better off throwing the PSU on ebay and buying a new one?
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