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  1. Dear tt team, I woluld know, besides light effects, if volos's customized keys/dpi/macros works only if AP software is loaded, like mine case OR if volos normally works, after programmed with AP, without software ( and so without installing AP software in every PC I connect the mouse ). I need your help for understand if mine is an "RMA" case. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Terry, but is not a macro issue. After customized a key ( even with or without macros ), if I disconnect the mouse and connect it to another computer, the internal memory doesn't remember the costomized keys. UPDATE: In addition, my scroll wheel LED can emit only blue, red and violet lights... no green, yellow or white color, ttesports logo doesn't breathe, has fixed light. May this issues related to bad firmware flash ? I would try to re-flash the firmware, but the software telle me the firmware is updated so never re-starts the process. How can I re-upgrade the firmware or upgrade with a previous release for test ?
  3. Hi all I don't understand why my volos can't remember profile config buttons. On my desktop Windows 7 x86, Volos Ap 2.0, volos firmware 1.5, when I disconnect ad reconnet from usb, the mouse remember only dpi but no one customized button function. So, I need start/recall AP software, change a profile, come back to default profile and then it works. How Volos stores profiles on internal memory ? I missed something ? What's wrong ? Thanks.
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