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  1. This looks awesome! I would love to have such a job
  2. Gabon


    Having your own business it is a way to help someone. In my own way it was software development. I've been doing it for a while and a lot of my customers were pleased with my products. My last project was related to messaging apps. If you would like to know about apps like kik then I would recommend you read an article about it.
  3. I came across a similar app. It was called Prisma if I recall it correctly. By the way, I'm building a new PC too. I almost failed with components delivery because I didn't check here postcodefinder.net my postal code (I moved recently and I can't still memorize it).
  4. Yeap, I have a similar problem. I'm considering to go to an expert who can solve it. Does anyone know here if there's anyone who can cope with it in Barbados https://areaphonecodes.com/barbados/? Thanks for the recommendations beforehand!
  5. I was to print a 3D model of the Solar System. Right now I'm learning more about planets. I think Saturn https://solarstory.net/planets/saturn and other planets with rings and an enormous number of satellites will be hard things to deal with, although, it seems solvable.
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