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  1. this doesnt work for me. in fact ive narrowed it down to actually saving a profile is whats causing it to not start. couple of days now ive had no issues starting it up as long as i dont save a profile
  2. the recently updated software and it broke it. you cant save profiles, if you do the next time you start pc or wake it up, the program wont start and stay open. the only way to get it to open is to delete tt roaming data. its a pain in the ####.
  3. the only way i can get it to open after i turn on my pc is to delete the tt folder in appdata/roaming. i have to delete it every time i turn on my pc or it wont open. doesn't save any settings either so i also have to reset it up. something with the update a few days ago broke it because it worked perfect for the last year.
  4. where did you find the older download? im having same issues for days and cant find a fix or where to get older version
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