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  1. I'm about to build my first system, and to do so in my new Core V71! I know nothing about fan control, and googling Guides/Tutorials didn't help much, so please help me. I'm considering replacing all the stock fans and populating all fan positions with either fans, or an AIO (probably on the top; I know the AIO will come with it's own control solution). 1. I plan to prioritize function over aesthetics, so I wonder: Does anyone know if 200mm Noctuas will fit in front (and top?)? If not, will other 200mm options fit? (A dozen years ago I had fit issues when trying to replace a stock 200mm fan on a TT case.) 2. The manual says "Fan speed and light controller are only compatible with built in 200mm LED fans. To avoid on damaging the circuit board, please do not connect it with other fans." Does this mean that I'll be using a separate fan-controller to control all my chosen fans (including those I replace the stock ones with), and that the case's fan controller and buttons must be useless to me? 3. I've started looking at fan controllers. Would it be a bad idea to (and can one?) use some kind of adapter to connect more than one fan to the same connection on a fan controller?
  2. Is it possible to buy extra 3.5" HDD cage(s) from TT and fit them into the Core V71 after removing one or both 5.25" drives, please? (If so how much extra cage-capacity could fit?)
  3. I see the supported fan height and width listed in the manual etc., but I'd love to know how THICK the various fans can be, please. I love how many fans this case supports, BTW, and am eager to buy one.
  4. What makes the Power Cover Edition different?
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