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  1. HDDs that don't fit cages I've recently acquired a hard drive that doesn't fit the Core V71's beloved tool-free hard drive cages. Both because: 1. The plastic thing that snaps into two holes on the side, only has one hole in the side of the hard drive to snap into. To solve this, I used screws like in the old days for this HDD. 2. The two small plastic nubs that stick up from the cage's floor into the bottom of the hard drive, don't have holes in the bottom of the hard drive to stick up into, so I clipped most of them off with a wire cutter. I was not thrilled to have to do this, so I wonder: Is there another compatible hard drive cage I could acquire that I would not have to modify any more of my current cages? FYI, the incompatible hard drive is a WD Gold 18TB (my 12TB version is compatible) model WD181KRYZ.
  2. @EasyRhino Since you hear more noise when it's mounted, maybe there's something loose in the upper part of the case? (Maybe tape something that vibrates to it...like shaver?) Possibly it already had been loose though, and a new vibration by the fan made it noticable? In other words, it could be a case issue and/or a fan issue.
  3. *Installing my 280mm AIO* I bought an NZXT Kraken X63. First I tried installing it above the steel top of the case (in the removable plastic section). That didn't work because the top wouldn't close (I think because the AIO was too wide; I think a 360mm AIO would have fit up there). Next I tried installing it at the top of the steel section of the case: With the hoses on the end of the AIO towards the front of the case, I would have needed to remove the cage that added the 9th HDD tray. With the hoses on the end of the AIO towards the back of the case, it fit (quite tightly) against the top HDD cage. I also noted that I do *not* have the option to install an extra pair of fans onto the AIO for 'push-pull'; this is because of RAM clearance in my motherboard. My RAM height is 34.1mm; my motherboard is an ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero.
  4. I think my negative pressure is good. To help make sure I upgraded the rear fan to an Arctic P14 to go with the 280mm rad in the top (which I anticipate also upgrading the fans on, when Noctua's next gen 140mm fan comes out 2021Q4. (I'm leaving the front 200mm fans stock, since TT designed the front panel so they're the only 200mm fans in the universe that fit. Grrrr.)
  5. Thanks for looking, and for your response confirming what I saw, View71. I don't have small enough cable ties to fit through the fan holes, but I also don't see holes outside the ventilation holes to make that work. If I had double-sided tape I could have tried that solution, but instead... I decided to move the fan one row of ventilation holes away from the front so I could use case fan screws. But that couldn't work either, because then the other side of the fan's holes were blocked by the other row the feet block! So I moved the fans two rows away from the front; fortunately my PSU is modular, but I'm still concerned with how little room there is next to the PSU for my cables. I'm optimistic though; and now those cables will be air-cooled! I took your suggestion to use only two screws per fan, and you're right, they still seem very secure. (I'll probably use four screws/fan anyway when I upgrade these two fans 2021Q2 when Noctua's NF-A12x25 comes out in black.) Incidentally, these fan positions are important to me because I want positive pressure in the case.
  6. First my question: How do I (temporarily) remove the Core V71's front (bottom) feet? I ask in order to install the bottom (120mm) fans, which has been a frustrating project. The first things I tried (in part to avoid having to deal with removing the feet) were rubber fan mounts. First, I tried https://amazon.com/gp/product/B0749BRLXW/ but their base turned out to be too thick to not warp the air filter. So next I tried https://amazon.com/gp/product/B003JBOBOI/ (because it's got a very thin plastic screw that can be outside the case all by itself so it won't warp the air filter) but as you can see that's going to leave big gap (5 mm!) all around the fan (so the fan wouldn't bother to pull as much air through the filter). But other than that (lol) they worked. So I decided to use standard case fan screws https://amazon.com/GCA-Computer-Cooling-Mount-Screws/dp/B083NTT1KN/ which look like this: (and the case does come with enough--four--to mount one of the two fans) However, being screws, one needs to be able to use a screwdriver on them, and under the case (for the front-most row of holes) in the way of one's screwdriver are the case's plastic front feet, as can be seen here: And the only attachments that seem owner-adjustable are these plastic clips: (there's another one that looks like this, and I would need to remove the HDD cage mounts to get at it) I've tried pushing this plastic clip with a great deal of force, but it hasn't budged the slightest bit. I'm rather angry with the Core 71 now. These bottom fan positions were a deciding factor in my purchase. On a positive note, the big ventilation holes are just the right size for PC case screws (though a bit too small for the first rubber fan mounts I tried).
  7. Thank you very much View71, double-sided tape is a creative temporary fix! Yes, I l absolutely do live in the wrong country, Trump-land.
  8. Thank you very much for your reply, View71! Because of Covid, I'm not free to visit a hardware store (man, that makes nearly everything more difficult). And at first I'm using some 120mm fans I have on hand for which I don't have any mounts yet. So I guess I'll grab some rubber mounts and hope they work; and if they don't, I guess maybe I can find some washers on Amazon to enable the rubber mounts to work in the nice large ventilation holes..
  9. What kind of fan mounts will work to attach fans on the inside-bottom of the case? Are those ventilation holes too big to work with rubber fan mounts? (I plan to add a couple 120mm fans down there.)
  10. That's interesting, View71. The testing I saw that showed no advantage was 'noise-normalized'. Maybe you're right that the extra fan/motor on a 360mm will deliver higher maximum cooling/noise. Thankfully I don't think I need either. Though I am looking forward to seeing how Ice Giant's future thermosiphon maximized for AM4 compared, though. While I like that AIOs don't block RAM slots, the small chance of leaks makes me nervous.
  11. Thank you very much for your reply, View71! I think I'll be OK with the 280mm; I don't plan on overclocking my 5950x, and when it gets hot here near San Francisco I just turn off the PCs anyway because no one here has ac. On a tangent, while I'd prefer a 420mm: While a 360mm has 10% more surface area (4,320sq-cm vs. 3,920sq-cm) that a 280mm, in the tests I've seen they're within margin of error, which I saw attributed to the larger fan size being more efficient.
  12. Has anyone installed a radiator in the Core V71's removable top section? I know that the manual shows a radiator at top of the main steel section of the case. I'll be installing a radiator in one of these top positions. Either way I think I'll be limited to a 280mm one because I'll have an ODD in the removable section and--as noted above--I've added a ninth HDD tray. I'm thinking of a 280mm NZXT Kraken X63. It seems like one might fit in the removable section if the hoses are positioned conveniently (which I'm hopeful they are if an X62 photo I found is relevant, but I can't tell from NZXT's X63 pictures). Has anyone tested whether if a radiator is at the top of the steel section, it's thermally beneficial/detrimental to also have fans above it in the removable top section?
  13. To see the success of my plan I refer you to
  14. In case I'm not the only one who wondered if the Core V71 would accommodate three 3-HDD cages, I'm excited to report it does! To do so of course I needed to get a third 3-HDD cage to swap with the top 2-HDD cage. Then it was simple and easy: I removed the bracket for the lower optical drive bay (it was held on securely by only 4 easily accessible screws). Then I slid the third 3-HDD cage into place. Only the lower (not the upper) pair of thumbscrews attaching the top 3-HDD cage fit the holes, but I'm thrilled to report that since it is also on rails, it is (like the other HDD cages) absolutely rigid, it doesn't move at all. So now, exactly as I had hoped, I have traded my bottom optical bay for a ninth HDD bay! It looks like I have also made it so that a 360mm radiator wouldn't fit on the top of the case (though a 280mm one will still easily fit).
  15. I'd like the share my answer to my (and others') question of whether a Noctua 200mm fan will fit in the TT Core V71. (Ditto a 200mm BitFenix BFF-LPRO-23030B-RP I already had.) Note than I only looked at this question WRT the front fans (sorry, I plan to put a radiator in the top). For neither alternate 200mm fan is thickness an issue; while I'm not sure you can tell from the photos, I think both are exactly the same thickness as the stock TT 200mm fans. This is important because the mesh filter is right up against the fans. And mounting holes are not an issue for either alternative fan either; one of the sets of holes for each alternative fan matched the case holes. However, the stock TT fan width is perfectly minimal to fit the case, and both alternative fans are wider, and would thus need to be modified to fit. The Noctua fan's inner edge hole is all one would need; to fit inside the front panel attachments the rest of the four edge extensions would need to be cut off. The plastic is hard and I think resilient. The BitFenix fan is nearly circled by holes; nearly all of them would need to be cut off the fan. The plastic is hard but also I think brittle. To complicate matters further, there's the manual warning about using other fans burning out the controller. (Furthermore, when I owned a similar TT case a dozen years ago with only one front 200mm fan, I vaguely recall something I did wrong connecting it burned out the fan; I think I may have figured that out and got an alternate replacement working.) With all that, I don't think I'm going to deal with modifying alternative 200mm fans to fit the case in the short term. The pictured Noctua is a Noctua NF-A20 PWM chromax.black.swap
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