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  1. It's almost done The final work will be updated tonight!
  2. Appearance work of one building The exterior wall of the building is marked with the logo of the "TT"
  3. Today I will explain in detail the PC concept that I am working on I'm now making a stairwell, a scene from the movie Joker. I'm trying to give a contrasting feel to two buildings on either side of the stairs, not just a scene from a movie. One building is a rich building concept, and the other is a poor building. And I try to express Joker and Batman in contrast. Batman for poor buildings and Joker for rich buildings. The environment that has been grown is the opposite, but it is to show that it is located there for different purposes. The zotac graphics car
  4. I watch this case once a day for 30 minutes. ...At last something came to mind... The P5 will be the best stage on earth. Starting next week, I will post a change of P5 in earnest^^ Please look forward to it.
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