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  1. Hello, I'm sunny sun from China. I'm very glad to participate in TT casemod 2019. Thank you for the hardware support of TT, AMD, ZOTAC,Asrock and Plextor. This time, our design inspiration comes from the robot ED-209 in the mechanical war police, but it's not fully relied on. We hope to give this MOD a new life through our own understanding of art, show the incomparable side of these hardware with our modification, and sincerely thank all supporters. If you like our works, please help vote. Thank you!
  2. Inspired by ROBCOP ED 209, our team dismembered all parts of the robot basing on this theme and integrated all parts of the brand to make it more like a robot
  3. And here are the Close-up of our sponsors. Thank you again for offerring such opportunity to compete with so many good Colleagues. Whatever the outcome, I till enjoy this worldwide competetion.
  4. sorry again for miss the deadline. Here are the final photos of our MOD
  5. sorry for being late,we are Edit our videos and photos and forget to update our progress.
  6. In the last few days, we should push oueselves to make progress of the work. And we are ready to paint all these parts as we thought. Be patient if you want to see great job!
  7. yes! we now have built its legs and its body framework,later we will set out to decorate all those parts.
  8. we now work out its legs and feet and prepare to build its body and head, now let's show you guys some photos of its legs and videos about how we made it.
  9. We went to local metal market to search for useful assembly unit. It is a bit difficult to meet our needs.
  10. We now have designed its head . we will use 3D print to nake this head and then connect it to body and foot
  11. We now work out our hands and prepare to design its body.
  12. Consider the heavy weight and the pressure it gives to the ground,together with the stability, we redesign the foot of our "robot"
  13. Hi,it seems that I have remembered my password, and here are our latest progress. We have received TT's new CASE and Power Supply. Here are the photos we took.
  14. We now edit the sample modle by using CAD. The P5 GT will be lied down and put on the center. And we will dig holes on feet to fit the weight shift when the hardware equipped.
  15. Firstly,the Humanoid Robot in RoboCop 2014 leaves me a great impression, so we dicede draw lesson from it. We will Put case P5 GT as the HEAD. Then we will refer to the movie to build its body and feets. Now we have just put our imagination to practice. We draw a draft to Emphasize the detail on head, and set about making such decoration case.
  16. Hello everyone, we've just received part of hardware. Thanks Again to All these sponsor. Here are the photos we took. AMD Ryzen R5-3400G 4C8T@3.7GHz ASROCK Steel Lgend X570 ZOTAC GEFORCE RTX 2070 PLEXTOR PCIe NVME SSD It seems that we lag behind other teams, LOL,now we will speed up our progress and share our dseign soon.The game is beginning.
  17. Hi there, I am Sunny Sun from China. We are glad to have the opportunity to take part in this match.And we have received the package from the Thermaltake. Thanks Thermaltake to hold this match and together with other hardware Sponsor(TT, AMD, ZOTAC, ASROCK and PLEXTOR) which provide us with such great devices to build our dream MOD. I start my Studio named ORRICE in 2016 Feb. We try our best to help our Customer to design and make their own GAMING PC with our Unmatched imagination, Dramatic material and High level design standard. Our MODs have been on display at China Joy, Computxe as Brand Partners. And luckily, we won the TT Best Modder as individual in 2018 China.
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