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  1. Oh right, so I didn't need to download the RGB Plus software for this. Is it worth me deleting it from the system completely? (wondering if it conflicts with MB software etc) I am using the AS Rock B450 Fatality Gaming Kit K4 (Motherboard) Could it be that the MB BIOS needs updating? The BIOS on this board is P1.10. I don't know if that info helps. I'm a newbie as you can probably tell.
  2. I did try this but no copies found. Thanks for the suggestion though. Anything I can try is welcome.
  3. Hi, Sorry, I've had a nightmare trying to get logged back into the site. I've got some photos for you but if they're not good enough, then let me know exactly what you need and I'll do my best to get them to you asap. Just to back up the pictures, here is a written explanation of how I have it set up at present: TT Sync Connector - Powered via a SATA cable direct to Power Supply. LED in connection- Linked from TT Snyc to ADDR_LED header on MB. 2x RP14 fans (Front mount) both connected to TT Sync (bottom fan lights up in one section only). 1x RP12 fan (top mount) does not light up and plugged into TT Sync next to RP14's. PWM connection goes straight to the MB I did update the drivers for the MB, I tried the ASRock RGB sync software which made the small section which lit up on the RP14 change colour, but nothing else. All fans spin and seem to respond to changes in RPM during fan tests through the ASRock RGB sync software. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi, I've recently built my first PC and I've installed 2x 140 Riing Plus and 1x 120 Riing Plus fans but I cannot get the software to connect to the controller. The fans are spinning but only one section of one light is flashing. I installed the software and uninstalled it, to see if that would help but I get the same error message. 1. During install process it says in the Log that install failed to complete due to a newer version already existing on the system. - I don't know how as I've only installed this one and I made sure I uninstalled everything before installing the program again. 2. When I open the software I get a message saying cannot find fan controller. Pleasemake sure it is connected properly. Error 0x000001. I followed the manual during installation and I cannot see what is missing at all. Ryan.
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