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  1. thanks for sharing will check it
  2. I plan to visit from LCA Airport -> Rock of Aphrodite -> Nicosia. This might take ~ 4 hours. Can you please recommend if you know of taxi company / taxi driver who provide the half day service? Thank you so much for sharing.
  3. I get soooo tired of cam girls thinking they deserve everything, more money, more support for their choices. What they do requires no talent. You are literally just playing with your #### on camera. Anybody with a body or the means to buy a better looking body could do your "job" you are lucky these creeps online even pay you to get naked at all. I hear cam girls say all the time that they are smart business women because of what they do but in reality its a cop out. You are capitalizing on primal urges. They do this job because they cant do anything else. I really don`t care what other people do with their life. If you wanna #### yourself out on camera then do it. But stop pretending you are doing anything special at all. This is not a talent. You are just naked. This might be the most unpopular but it relates. The world will never be free from evil. There will always be bad people. And cam girls wonder why they get stalked and sent #### pics. Now i`m not saying those things are okay. They are shitty. But if somebody put up a sign in the woods that said " warning, wolves ahead" why would you lather yourself in blood and walk in? Why sit there and try and change the wolves? You can't. They are wolves. There will always be creepy people out there but when you sign up for this job you are covering yourself in blood and walking into that den. I wish they didn`t have to deal with that but they do and always will. You invited them to you, if you like it or not. Its gonna happen. You should of chose another job.
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