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  1. Hey all. Got a bit of a problem a couple weeks after building a new rig with a Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 TT Premium AIO. First ten or so days have been fine, but for the last 2-3, I've heard a slight water gurgling noise which I put down to a small water bubble, not a major issue in and of itself, but today it's been joined by a grinding/rattling noise that occurs for 5 seconds or so, and repeats every 20-30 seconds when the system is idle. It's a bit disconcerting to say the least. Researching online gave me the suggestions that plugging it into the CPU_Fan header might have caused it to be varying speed and not enjoying it when the system's on idle. However, I have the bios set to power management as suggested in various places. I attempted to switch it to the pump header thinking that was the better fix; get it running on a constant current, but that caused the system to not start up. Instead attempted to use the MSI bios to simply set what's connected to the CPU_Fan header to run at 100%, since I hoped that would solve it based on the above theory, but the pump block then makes an extremely loud operational noise that sounds like it's operating far too fast and loud to be a correct setting and certainly nothing I can use in day to day operation. Under normal settings without change, when just in bios, it states an only slightly varying rpm of about 1780-1800 which seems normal. Putting the system under any kind of significant load eliminates the issue entirely, tested it under a prime95 torture test for two hours, and not a single problem was encountered. So yeah... a bit nonplussed and contemplating whether I need to RMA. Messaging Scan where I bought it just got an automated invitation to RMA, but obviously if I simply have the device set improperly I don't want to risk a refused RMA and my pc out of action for a week while it goes on. Advice would be very much appreciated. Just for extra, it isn't a constant buzz or whine that others report. System is: MSI MEG Ace x570 mobo Ryzen 3700X Corsair 2x 3600mhz ram MSI Geforce 2080 Super Gaming X Trio Corsair MP510 960GB M2 Corsair RM850x PSU
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