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  1. Hi again tomorrow I am going to ship it to Thermaltake De for a repair or replace. Thank you for your interest. Regards
  2. Update 1. So I tried to take all the rgb software's because it seems that when the pc is in heavy load then there is no buzzing. But even I took them off there was no change. It seems that this psu is really messing with my electricity.... now i see the wall lights that are in the same electricity line (wall) are doing weird things... lower - higher light.... 1st time i come across with such thing...
  3. Hello I am trying to figure out how I can rma or we my psu since something went wrong with it. PSU is irgb Plus 850W Platinum I was using it some months now without any issues (except some weird noises when I had thermaltake's psu software). Since I made my color choices I took it off and since then I had no problems at all ...since 2 days ago. Suddently 2 days ago I heared an electrical buzzing from the psu. I took out the front glass of my tower and i figure that the noise was coming from the psu. Another weird thing is that the noise pass through the cable up to the schuko into the wall... I have upload a record file using my mobile for better conclusion. I have contact the local shop where I bought it from and i was informed that it will take up to 6 weeks till I get some answers... Seems that here in Greece there are no representatives of the company (?) who knows. I hope you or an official member of Thermaltake will see this and give me some help. Thank you! Φωνή 001_sd.m4a
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