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  1. The Italian automaker once again unveiled its 812 Superfast sports car to the world, though this time without a roof. Now the driver and passengers can even better hear this roar of an 800-horsepower engine. Watching the Aston Martin DBS, Lamborghini Aventador and Bentley Continental GT conquer the “ultra-fast, expensive tanning salons” market, Italian carmaker Ferrari decided to tackle this as well, introducing the 812 GTS with an open top. Ferrari spoke about its plans for next year Ferrari spoke about its plans for next year The humpback rear of the sports car hides a rigid folding roof. With the help of an electric drive, it is cleaned in just 14 seconds at a vehicle speed of up to 45 km / h. Now it will be much easier for the driver and passengers to hear the roar of an atmospheric 6.5-liter engine delivering 800 horsepower and 720 Nm of torque. Usually, when a company was going to produce convertibles, it created them based on California, Portofino and Spider for 458, 488 and now F8 Tributo. There were models 550, 575 and 599 without a roof, but they were produced in a very limited edition. Even despite an increase of 75 kg to the total mass of the car carzaamin.com/blog/suzuki-cultus-for-sale-in-lahore-pakistan/, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds using its V12 engine. The maximum speed is 340 km / h. The new technology uses the same technologies as in the 812 Superfast. Side-Slip Angle Control, a manettino for switching modes, even a variable force on the steering wheel, which should help in controlling the slip in a skid. And also carefully designed aerodynamic elements. A car will cost buyers 336 thousand euros and more. Mike Ryan, an American stuntman and race car driver, winner of the Pikes Peak Hill Speed Climbing Competition, was invited to work on this project. During the upgrade, the courier van was equipped with racing suspension and steering, and also replaced the standard engine with a power plant from Toyota Racing Development. Its characteristics, unfortunately, are not disclosed. The modified van also has a roll cage, racing equipment, a rear view camera, nitrous oxide injection, an integrated fire extinguishing system, etc. The minimum bid for this lot is only one dollar.
  2. Well, if you are swimming for relaxation, most likely you are not too worried about increasing your personal indicators for completing the next lap in the pool, but if you are swimming at the level of a professional swimmer or already a professional swimmer, then it is important for you how much time you spend in chlorinated water.smart watch useful gadget Recently, smart watches have gained particular popularity among athletes, but Swimmo watches are not just smart watches , they are a personal swimming trainer that will break your ideas about devices for controlling physical activity of swimmers.smart watches for sports and fitnessSwimmo is more than a simple sports watch! And that's why… HOW DO SWIMMO WORK? For beginners, they offer an individual approach to training and tracking indicators in real time. As the technique improves, swimmers can begin to train smarter by tracking distance, pace, heart rate and calories burned - all with one waterproof royal device rafiqsonsonline.com/product-category/royal-london/. Innovative Swimmo technologies will allow users not to go beyond their ideal training zone: if the swimmer is working for wear, then Swimmo will warn with vibration, saying that the athlete needs to slow down. In the same way, the device will notify you if you are relaxed and you need to push. This is a very convenient device, given that there are many applications and devices on the wearable electronics market that monitor the training course for runners and cyclists, but there are not many devices on the market designed specifically for swimmers. In this regard, smartwatch Swimmo - an ideal option, which overcomes all the difficulties associated with wearing the device under water. In Swimmo, emphasis is placed on the development of muscle strength and endurance, which is realized through a specialized training regimen. The device is equipped with a number of patented technologies, for example, the technology of controlling the device by turning and working with Rotate & Tap gestures, a waterproof heart rate sensor, an IntensityCoach training intensity determination device and a PaceKeeper distance meter. The presence of these functions will allow you to adjust your pace taking into account the current training schedule, and if necessary, make appropriate changes to the training plan in order to increase performance. The watch strap is made of modern polymer high-quality materials, it is smooth to the touch, does not cause irritation, itching and discomfort from wearing the device in conditions of constant contact with water.
  3. Nowadays, cardboard has become an essential packaging for food, everyday objects such as pens, or even shipments by post or carrier. For each case, the cardboard must be adapted to its use. But above all, cardboard is an ecological matter. The cardboard packaging is ecological The cardboard packaging is eco-friendly for two reasons: it is biodegradable , which allows it to be quickly destroyed, but it usually comes from the manufacture of recycled paper or cardboard, which makes it possible to limit the number of felled trees. That's why it is a much better packaging than the plastic that takes him for decades to be destroyed if he hangs in nature. The format determines the use of cardboard packaging Indeed, each cardboard has a use of its own because of its size but also its thickness. Thus, a packaging for pens, in view of its small thickness and its small size, can only serve as a protective cardboard packaging wellpackeurope.com/cardboard-boxes-double-wall for these pens and that's it. It will quickly go to the trash once the used pens. And the mailboxes in all this? Well, they usually have a single thickness but thanks to their small size, they can be transported more easily including by post. It can be delivered directly to your mailbox if it is standard size. Some models make it possible to hold the object to be transported by means of interior flaps. There are CDs, DVDs or books. Cardboard packaging has a bright future With the ban on giving plastic bags to customers, cardboard packaging has come back in force in most stores in recent years. Especially the kraft bags that are preferred by traders but the luxury shops, clothes are often placed in small boxes in cardboard similar to those used by bakers.
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