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  1. PS: The other company which has produced cooling pads with speakers is DeepCool with their M5 FS. But I have not seen it being offered anywhere, and have not heard from them since asking by email some days ago if they are still selling it. Logitech is also not making their N550 and N700 any longer, and the latter self for $300 on Amazon. I can't imagine there not being interest is such a marvelous product with so many laptop users around the world. And anyone producing and selling them would be king in the market now. Of course one can use external speakers, earbuds, of headphones. But hearing the sound so much enhanced without those means while one's laptop is being cooled at the same time offers a great advantage.
  2. Hi, when I heard already some years ago the ThermalTake was going to end the production of the Massive SP notebook cooling pads -those with the speakers- while I was enjoying the one I had, I ordered the last 2 ones offered in those day on Amazon. Now it is offered there again, but way more costly: $79.99. I would very much like for all of us notebook and laptop users that ThermalTake make them again.
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