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  1. I scored a Asus ROG GTX3080. I installed it in my current system to replace a Asus ROG GTX2080. Now when I boot into the bios of my Asus Maximus hero XI the board doesn't recognize the 3080. I thought a Thermaltake Toughpower IRGBPlus 1250watt power supply would more than handle the video card. I moved the 3080 to my older pc with a 750w power supply and it worked like a champ. SIgh! Not sure what to think now. Any ideas with be appreciated.
  2. I get the same error. Contacted TT support. They replaced my power supply from a 1050 to a 1250w iRGB Plus Platinum PS. Same issue. I think its a software issue. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Deleted it in the user directory, delete registry entries.. nothing works. I am thinking about just uninstalling it period as the rgb lighting works with the TT RGB Plus software.
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