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  1. Last Chance to Claim Your Prize!! Send us and inbox message with ID, Name, Address, and contact # so we can send out the prizes.
  2. Hi yoda79, Could you please upload a film to express what you're trying to do but fail? Our team needs more things to identify your question here. Thank you.
  3. Hi Tutu1, Please contact local RMA or dealer to check the issue that you've been experiencing first. As they may have better understanding in what happened with your keyboard. Thank you.
  4. Hi patrice-fraioli, I guess this would be a matter of personal choices, there's no evidence suggesting that your laptop can be damage merely because you put it on massive v20 without the rubber legs. However, if you are afraid that it would scratch your laptop, we suggest that you consider getting a new one. The Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB: https://tw.thermaltake.com/thermaltake-massive-20-rgb.html Thank you
  5. Hi Alexandr1982, Yes, our cooler team said they are compatible, so they should be able to work. Thank you.
  6. Hi pissedconsumer, Yes, we understand your frustration, but you may have to contact local RMA to resolve your issue. Thank you.
  7. Hi Luigi15, We apology for the delay, but our team can't pick up the noise from the video you posted, is it possible to give us more information regarding to your problem? Thank you
  8. Hi K33L, How many seconds did you edit, and do they start and stop at the same time? I'm asking this question since we have picked up that flickering issue happens when the software replays the pattern, so you'll see more flickers if you have a relatively short pattern. As you try to lengthen the lighting effect that you edit, I will also contact our internal team to check with other possible issues. Thank you.
  9. Hi All, Sorry that we didn't pick up this question earlier, could anyone above check the serial numbers of their keyboard so our team can confirm exactly which keyboard it is that is causing the users to experience such issue? Thank you Tt CCH
  10. Hi Xeo, Could you please clarify that if it's only the lighting that is not working? or is the entire keyboard not working? If the key strokes are still working, please try the following instructions: Could you please try pressing Fn + F8 / Fn + F9/ Fn+10 / Fn + F11 to check if the lighting effects had been accidentally turned off? If the Fn+ RGB function controlling keys are not working, could you please flip your keyboard and check the serial number for me so our team could check what happened to the keyboard? Thank you
  11. NEONMAKER LIGHTING MIX INVITATIONAL SEASON 1 VOTING HAS STARTED!! VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO EFFECT to win a set of Riing Quad fans, View 51 chassis, Floe DX 240 AIO Cooler VOTE DATE: (February 18 ~ March 3) [Australia] Corey Gregory [Canada] Jonathan Lightwood [USA] Calen Saddler [USA] Timmy Parker [Sri lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu [India] Maulik Patel [Philippines] Samuel Callanta [France] Wael El Kadri [USA] Ben Quintanilla [China] 李偉 Wei Lee 我的视频4.mp4.494c4198ec7edcaf61969f30fc4bd741.mp4
  12. Hi riceOtaku, Sorry for the late reply. After checking with our software team, the software should be able to run with the hardware you have. Just a small reminder, the NeonMaker can only be paired with the Riing Quad Fans, so if you're using the Trio, then it won't work. Also it might be because of the controller switch, if you're using two controllers, you would need to set them to different switches. With the limited info I have right now, these are the problems I can think of. However, if the issues has nothing to do with what I explained, could you please let us know the specifics on the problems you encounter with the NeonMaker? Thank you!
  13. Hi riceOtaku, Could you please provide the type of Motherboard and CPU, plus Window version of the PC you tried NeonMaker with? We would like to identify where the problem is and hopefully have all users being able to play with the software.
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