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  1. NEONMAKER LIGHTING MIX INVITATIONAL SEASON 2 VOTING HAS STARTED!! VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO EFFECT to win a set of Riing Quad 12 fans, View 51 chassis, Floe DX RGB 240 [Thailand] Pakawat Chaiboonma [Greece] George Antonopoulos [Australia] Ethan Cooper [Philippines] Jesse Palacio [UK] Alex Banks Hey All, Voting Event has now been extended till August 31st! Remember to vote if you haven’t yet!!
  2. Modder Profile: https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/2020s2/player6.html
  3. Modder Profile:https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/2020s2/player5.html
  4. Modder Profile:https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/2020s2/player4.html
  5. Modder Profile:https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/2020s2/player3.html
  6. Modder Profile:https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/2020s2/player2.html
  7. Modder Profile:https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/2020s2/player1.html
  8. 2020 Thermaltake Neonmaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 2 After a wonderful season, we saw all our fan's interest in the Lighting Mix Event and are desperate to learn what else can NeonMaker do; so we're back for the second season starting today! Due to recent pandemic we want to bring some light to the world; six contestants from six different countries have joined us to show how well they can compose a light show with our latest RGB lighting customization editing software—NeonMaker! We will be running a lot of giveaways so stay tuned! More info: https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/2020s2/ Event Rules 2020 Thermaltake NeonMaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 2’s focus will be on the “NeonMaker” software and the “TOUGHRAM RGB” + “FLOE DX 240.”Participating modders are given a specific time frame to use the NeonMaker software to create a unique RGB RAM lightshow. Contestants must only use the Thermaltake “NeonMaker “software to create the lighting effects, and to use TOUGHRAM RGB x 4 Sticks + Floe DX AIO 240 Cooler. No modifications to the RAM nor should the contestants use other components other than the NeonMaker and the installed motherboard. No cases allowed! Modders should send back 15 profiles minimum at the end of the event Rules violation could result in disqualification. Modders should aim to create their own patterns, using software preset patterns, patterns from download profiles, patterns from other modders are not allowed. Thermaltake NeonMaker Lighting Software NeonMaker is the new advanced editing software for RGB lighting customization. NeonMaker provides various stunning pre-set lighting effects, but also allows users to edit their lighting effects on every single LED light bulb, granting access to further customizable lighting options. Thermaltake Floe DX RGB 240 TT Premium Edition Floe DX RGB 240 comes with an LED water block and Riing Due RGB fans that has a total 16.8 million color combinations. The high performance Floe DX RGB 240 all-in-one CPU cooler supports our NeonMaker light editing software and TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem. Comes in 240, 280, and 360 size! Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB Memory DDR4 3200MHz 16GB (8GB x 2) TOUGHRAM RGB Memory has 10 RGB lighting in total with 16.8 million color combinations. The high quality RGB Memory supports our NeonMaker light editing software and TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem. Comes in 3000MHz (black only), 3200MHz, 3600MHz, 4000MHz, 4266MHz, 4400MHz, 4600MHz, and in black and white!
  9. Congratulations, Winners of the Thermaltake’s Rig & Battlestation Showdown! We hope you all enjoy this event while staying at home; now, it’s time to announce our winners and take a look at their awards! 1st place: An AH T600 chassis, and the chance to be in Team TT Modding 2nd place: An LCS Kit 3rd place: TT Gaming set Don’t forget to send a message with your shipping info to TtCCH via TT Community before July 18, 2020, to claim your prize. Come check out our Facebook page for instant message and info: https://bit.ly/TTInc-FB
  10. The Winner Video was placed on the Thermaltake Technology Inc. Facebook Page. The Info is listed as below. 2020 NeonMaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 1 Winners are here!! It was a very close season, and everyone did an excellent job! Congratulations to the winners!!! 1st: Corey Gregory 2nd: Sanjaya Bhanu 3rd: Samuel Callanta and Maulik Patel Watch Full Video on YouTube: bit.ly/youtube-2020NeonMaker-S1 For More Info: https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/ Download profiles: https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/Download.html Buy Riing Quad Fans on Amazon: bit.ly/RiingQuadFan
  11. Last Chance to Claim Your Prize!! Send us and inbox message with ID, Name, Address, and contact # so we can send out the prizes.
  12. Hi yoda79, Could you please upload a film to express what you're trying to do but fail? Our team needs more things to identify your question here. Thank you.
  13. Hi Tutu1, Please contact local RMA or dealer to check the issue that you've been experiencing first. As they may have better understanding in what happened with your keyboard. Thank you.
  14. Hi Alexandr1982, Yes, our cooler team said they are compatible, so they should be able to work. Thank you.
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