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  1. UPDATE: Thought to take a look at that 'wonky' (Left Cntrl) switch again, and after a wee bit of electric contact cleaner. I am very happy to report that the Left Contrl key is now functioning properly. Yep! it's good to go (Y) and there should be at least a few kazillion key strokes left on the Tt Certified Switches on the Poseidon Z keys.
  2. I would like to see Peter Brands (of course) and also would like to see more of Marc Molella and his builds
  3. Really enjoyed using my POSEIDON Z Illuminated – Brown Switch Edition -- P/N:KB-PIZ-KBBLUS-01 for a few years now. However the left Control key is not working at all. Cleaned at checked it out etc. Too bad it was not the Ctrl key on the right. Either way pretty sure it can sorted out, these switches have a 5 year warranty and should be covered. Thanks
  4. Been totally digging my Poseidon Z keyboard with the brown switches, that I was totaly soked to win in a contest a while back. it has been working perfectly for me, and toally even better with the little O-rings. Those Red Orings are about 2mm the Blue ones they make are about 4mm I think, which would certainly shorten the keystrokes and take a bit more of the 'thwack' sound out if desired.
  5. Couldn't stop laughing just from reading the rules LOL and so is my score but plenty of fun !
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