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Status Updates posted by PCDesignerRy

  1. With the new funding source and newly found debt freedom, the return of my desktop computer is going to mark the step over the edge for me into the world of really becoming a professional level enthusiast. With funding sources coming in at about 1K a month dedicated I will be able to finally transform my space into one that is more of a professional computer studio. I have been working to reach this moment for several years and this is the culmination of all of the effort I've put into this. Unyielding dedication to my computer interests has paid off. 

  2. Time to get back on track! I've confirmed that I can pick up my computer tonight and that it is up and running with the 9900KS. The issue was with one of the RAM sticks so I've already ordered replacement RAM, G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 16x2 3200 MHZ. Now to get the computer back, finish the fans and wiring, and on the 6th I have another large amount of funding coming in to continue the work. Next up is a second Samsung 970 Pro M.2 1TB SSD, until I reach 5. Two per month, and then an upgrade to the 1600i from the 12 for the PSU. 

  3. I'm coming up on my last small order of parts needed for my 2020 computer build. I really am making good time with this build considering that it's not even February yet. After the small order I have a single additional $2500+ order that I need to make to finish off the last big things and then my computer will be ready for complete construction the way that I want it to be. This is going to be the hallmark build of my career so far I have put a TON of work into this one!  

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