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  1. I'm coming up on my last small order of parts needed for my 2020 computer build. I really am making good time with this build considering that it's not even February yet. After the small order I have a single additional $2500+ order that I need to make to finish off the last big things and then my computer will be ready for complete construction the way that I want it to be. This is going to be the hallmark build of my career so far I have put a TON of work into this one!  

  2. Hello fellow computer-building enthusiasts! I am deciding how to mount the case fans of my choice into my computer case, and I was looking into the anti-vibration mounting product below. Now, I know that these state that they are for any Noctua fan, but, I am wondering if they will work with my selected fan filters and grills as pictured in the third picture down. Has anyone used these before with this particular setup? If the anti vibration mounts would not work with the filters and grills, I was thinking of instead using just ordinary zip-ties to get everything secured in place. Specs!........ Specs: Case: Thermaltake W200 Fans: Noctua 140mm NF-A14 Industrial PWM 3000 RPM Filters: My Case Fan Filters Grills: My Case Fan Grills
  3. That is a very good point I'm not sure how that entirely slipped my mind but yeah that makes a lot more sense now. Thanks!
  4. I will do my best to describe this issue as plainly as possible. When attempting to install the side-mounted locking fan bracket for my W200 case, with the bracket installed on the side of the hinge panel with the window, it seems to block the hinging door from closing just barely when installed. I tried turning it around to the left and right, but, the only way I can find so far to get the door to close with the bracket installed is to install the bracket backwards, with the locks facing out and the bracket installed from the inside. I am hoping that maybe someone has an idea of how to properly get these installed where the doors will close, and can give me a better understanding of how to install mine. If so I would sincerely appreciate it and this would be a huge weight off my mind. Thanks!
  5. Seriously inspiring! I really wish I had the means to cover this kind of a level of fabrication. In my builds custom fabrication is basically my weakest quality not necessarily because of lack of imagination, but lack of resources. I really need an actual computer workshop, but it's visuals like yours that inspire me to push hard for my goals. Thanks for the post!
  6. VERY inspiring! Where are you building from? I'm building from Sacramento CA USA and my 2020 build is on the way.
  7. Hello all, I pride myself as a computer enthusiast and designer. I have seen many liquid cooling builds in the past and frankly they look amazing compared to any other form of cooling. I have never used a custom liquid cooling loop myself for fear of not doing it right and potentially damaging a plethora of extremely expensive components. That doesn't however mean that I wouldn't like to do one if I really knew how, but, the only way I'd ever be comfortable trying is if I had quadruple checked every ounce of knowledge I had concerning the build. I know there are starter kits out there that come with all of the needed pieces in one kit, but I still have that lingering fear of something failing or getting a faulty product, or getting a just cheap product. Up to now I've just been using the closed loop liquid coolers, that and I know there are a ton of hidden trade secrets in custom loop building like adding a silver coil to the reservoir, coiling the tubing, adding product to the liquid, and other secrets. I have a few questions I'd like to hear from the custom liquid cooling veterans of the world about. Q. When you successfully build a custom loop in your computer, does it require draining and cleaning every few weeks or months, or is it just more of a build once leave forever type of deal? Q. In a custom loop is it better to use distilled water or one of the many colored chemicals that exist? Q. I live in Sacramento CA, USA. What would be the best means of me learning to build a custom loop full scope for my area? Q. If you could give any advice to someone who has never before built a custom loop for liquid cooling, what would it be? I know that the response to this and these questions is an answer of many words, but I am eager and hungry as a builder, and dedicated to building to the best of my ability no matter the cost. Custom liquid cooling is the final frontier of computer building that yet escapes me in the many builds I have done so far over the years but it is also the most risky part of a computer build. I appreciate sincerely any time you may take to respond to this post, and promise that I am hearing you and considering the wisdom you may provide, that it is not falling on blind eyes or deaf ears. Thanks! PCDesignerRy
  8. So, I am currently transitioning from the Core-X9 computer case to the W200. Yesterday I spent about 3 hours building the actual W200 part by part. So far, I have already come across many features in the W200 that I disliked about the Core-X9. > The W200 has hinged swinging doors that magnetically hold to the sides of the case, and are easily removable when removal is needed. The X9 has side panels that slide on and are secured with thumb screws. I have never been able to get the side panels of my X9 to secure properly. > The W200 has fully removable front panel cables in two individual bay sets, so, if something should happen to that bay of wires, I imagine the bay can just be replaced. The X9 has front panel wires that are hard-wired to the front of the case in a way that can't be removed. Out of the 4 USB ports for my front panel on the X9, the bottom two have never worked. The W200's top and side panels snap in in a way that makes them easily removable, and yet, they hold securely when they need to be held in place. The X9's front panel holds are plastic and must be squeezed from the inside to be removed. In my experience they are very difficult to remove, and are easily breakable if done wrong. > The W200 holds two fully functioning computers, the X9 only holds 1. > The W200 comes with wheels that as far as I can tell, can be replaced with a more heavy-duty wheel. The X9 does not come with any wheels. My X9 computer case was good for what it was, but it was my first step into a larger world of expansion that now I find myself coming close to mastery of with the W200 computer case.
  9. Anyone using the W200 case and have aftermarket wheels? Now that I see how the wheels work I have a better understanding of what I need to get for an aftermarket wheel. I would appreciate it if anyone could recommend me a more heavy-duty replacement. Thanks!
  10. Please delete
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    Hi all, I've ordered and am getting ready to build out of the W200 case by Thermaltake. This case comes with wheels and I was just wondering if anyone knows if the stock wheels can be replaced with a more aftermarket variant of wheels. Thanks for Info!
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