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  1. Spanish layout on a ####keyboard Im really hoping thermaltake to release the poseidon Z on spanish layout i would buy it on english but i really like the big enter... plus my father uses my computer aswell so not having simbols and "ñ" in the same place as allways would be a pain in the #### for him
  2. ok you got me excited, i hope it would be available soon
  3. but not the ZX ver. the Z version, or well i would prefer it with the numpad :U thanks!
  4. many friends and many spanish talking people want this keyboard in spanish so bad!
  5. I really want to know if the keyboard will be available on spanish layout (big enter, ñ key) im starting to think it wont :/ please make it happen!
  6. Thank you! In mercadolibre (something like colombian eBay) i found a distributor wich seems that he can get me the poseidon Z in spanish (i was hoping for the cherry version, but i guess i will have a try on kahli switches) only problem is that the keyboard is alot more expensive than you can get it on the us, but is still affordable for being a mechanical keyboard in the region (i'm hoping that price get a bit lower with the pass of time) also it would be cool if you guys could update the where to buy section for latin america, there is many countries that are having the same issue, thanks!
  7. Hello! i've been having this kind of problem some time, but i will try to explain it fast. So i want to buy the thermaltake Poseidon or Poseidon Z version with spanish layout in Colombia, Bogota (South America) but in thermaltake page there is only 1 distributor of the 3 that i can contact, and they don't have the keyboard (neither in english). On october 18 i went to SOFA exposition where thermaltake had a place in the exposition, and i saw the Poseidon keyboard (pic attached), i ask one of the stand managers if they know if the keyboard is available in spanish and ready to be sold in colombia, and he answered me with a yes. I want to know if that is true that i can find the keyboard, and if so, where? is there any distrubutor in colombia besides from the ones on the eSports website? http://hwcol.com/2014/10/16/thermaltake-anuncia-nuevas-series-de-producto-en-colombia there is alot of news saying that the keyboard will be available here, and eSport oficcial facebook pages confirm this even ThermalTake ones.
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