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  1. Just take off the front and top panel and bend the grill tabs to straight and remove the grill,sand the area you need to paint clean it off good and spray
  2. Yes also edited my previous post to add a picture of the top panel painted white and assembled, going to make an internal front panel for 3 Odin 12s in white so I can off-center them for a reservoir to be beside them. and 6 Odin 12s for a radiator, thats my bucket list anyway, wish the Odin series came in 140mm so I could of done 3 odin 12s and 4 odin 140s for my rad, I know Tt is coming out with LC parts soon so some parts could change It will be awhile before I can get more parts,no build money for awhile it seems It will get done though!
  3. Sorry for the bad quality. Little bit of cleaning up but turned out good I think.
  4. Thanks Andy! it will be cleaner soon,going to make the PSU cover and do some more wire management,this is just thrown together at the moment
  5. yeah I cant wait to do some more work on it. black and white builds have always been a favorite of mine.
  6. Sorry for the bad quality. This is an ongoing build,will be put on water soon,wanting to swap out the NZXT fans for 7x Thermaltake Luna 14 LED White series fans. Specs: Core V71 Asus z97-ar 8gb dominator platinum 1866 Corsair AX860 7x NZXT 140mm fans Intel i5 4670k Sapphire 7950 3gb Vapor-X Hyper 212 evo for now Samsung 250gb 840 EVO WD 1tb HDD.
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