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  1. But don't have more internal usb headers. Can I use the one witj View 91 TG RGB?
  2. Hi TT, Can I connect these fans to the controller which came with my TT View 91 TG RGB or I need to connect them only to particular controller which came with the fans?
  3. Ooh nice. What cable have you use. Is your board PCI-E 4.0?
  4. Hi TT, I want to know if this cable has enough of length to install the graphics card veritcally inside my chasis?
  5. Hello TT I forgot TT RGB Plus App password I put to connect to my desktop PC. What to do?
  6. What wireless network? That motherboard doesn't have wireless built in. But I do have wireless router and PC is connected to it via ethernet cable.
  7. Hi TT, How do I use your app to control the fan speed,lighting etc..? I installed app and when I run it I got this on a picture below. I have TT View 91 TG RGB chasis.
  8. When I purchased this cable I was hesitating to install it,even now,because I'm affraid that I will damage either motherboard or graphics card,though cable is cable,it just passes the signal. So what are the chances if installed correctly to damage either board or graphics card? I really want my vertical mount of GPU but too anxious to try the cable if there will be any issues with malfunctioning PC.
  9. So radiator is installed onto brackets and brackets screwed onto the case?
  10. ooh so those are not only for 280mm and 420 mm radiators? I can install 280 mm rad?
  11. Hi TT, I was wondering because of an aesthetics and looking at the pretty fans,is it possible to install 240 mm radiator at the side (Corsair H100i),where I marked with red on picture? If yes,how do I install it,because I don't see holes for screws on this metal side, that I can mount radiator onto.
  12. Look at this: Looking by this 200 mm could be sufficient...
  13. I own this case,but I need to know if 200mm riser cable is enough of length for installing card vertically? From what I can see,and I did measure 2-3 cm more is requires,so I suppose I need 300mm TT cable?
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